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Multi-Stage Online Casino Bonuses

By: Rick Balding, Monday April 6th 2009
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Online players really shop for welcome bonuses. It is not every now and then that they head for a different online casino, so when they do that they want to make the best of it. In order to cater to this demand and to try and capture the players who are either new players or are looking for a change, the welcome bonuses have grown. Naturally the larger the welcome bonus the larger is the attraction for the player. But this poses a risk for the online casino. There is nothing to prevent the player from shifting allegiance after he has availed of the huge attractive bonus. In that case the online casino will part with the bonus and not get the player.

Online casinos have found a way out of this dilemma. They offer the large bonus in stages. This is the concept of the multi-stage online casino bonus. The entire bonus is not given on the first deposit made by the player. It is split over a number of subsequent deposits as well. This means that the player has to spend a longer time at the online casino and therefore there is a greater chance of his getting hooked. Thus multi-stage bonuses are less risky for the online casino and hence they can offer larger amounts.

Multi-stage online casino bonuses are good for the players as well. Welcome bonuses are always of the match bonus type. This means that the player has first to make a deposit and then the casino offers a matching bonus. If the casino offers a very large bonus over a single first deposit then the player would have to make a large investment upfront. And not all players can do that or would want to do that. In a multi-stage bonus the player’s investment also gets staggered and that is exactly what he wants. Hence multi-stage online casino bonuses are win-win for both the casino and the players.

The multi-stage welcome bonus offered by Go Casino has become a benchmark for this type of bonus. Go Casino is powered by Vegas Technology. The welcome bonus is a massive $20,000 maximum, spread over 20 deposits. For each of the first 20 deposits Go Casino matches the deposit with a bonus subject to a maximum of $1,000. The details of the bonus are displayed below.

Deposit Bonus Percent Min Max Info Claim Code
1st 100% $25 $1000 Get up to $1000 Free Auto
2nd 100% $25 $1000 Get up to $1000 Free GO001
3rd 100% $25 $1000 Get up to $1000 Free GO002
4th 100% $25 $1000 Get up to $1000 Free GO003
5th 100% $25 $1000 Get up to $1000 Free GO004
6th 100% $25 $1000 Get up to $1000 Free GO005
7th 100% $25 $1000 Get up to $1000 Free GO006
8th 100% $25 $1000 Get up to $1000 Free GO007
9th 100% $25 $1000 Get up to $1000 Free GO008
10th 100% $25 $1000 Get up to $1000 Free GO009
11th 100% $25 $1000 Get up to $1000 Free GO010
12th 100% $25 $1000 Get up to $1000 Free GO011
13th 100% $25 $1000 Get up to $1000 Free GO012
14th 100% $25 $1000 Get up to $1000 Free GO013
15th 100% $25 $1000 Get up to $1000 Free GO014
16th 100% $25 $1000 Get up to $1000 Free GO015
17th 100% $25 $1000 Get up to $1000 Free GO016
18th 100% $25 $1000 Get up to $1000 Free GO017
19th 100% $25 $1000 Get up to $1000 Free GO018
20th 100% $25 $1000 Get up to $1000 Free GO019

The Rushmore group powered by Real time Gaming was one of the first to offer multi-stage bonuses. Its leading brand Rushmore Casino offers a bonus of $888 over two deposits. Online Vegas Casino offers a total multi-stage welcome bonus of $5,000 spread over 10 deposits. With the intense competition in the online casino industry it is only a matter of time before someone tops the bonus offered by Go Casino.

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Comment by: Channy On: December 03, 2009
Love these sorts of bonuses and think that they're the most beneficial and best for us players out there!
Comment by: Particia T. On: November 23, 2009
As far as bonuses goes this bonus (Go Casino bonus offering) and the one that's being offered by Slots Galore (an english harbour group casino) are the two most lucrative and attractive bonuses that are currently being offered and available out there. I'm a big fan of both of these and think that the multi-deposit bonus or just getting a bonus each time you deposit is great. I prefer the way that Slots Galore do it in the sense that you don't have to enter a bonus code each time you want to deposit unlike Go Casino who require you do do this.
Comment by: Stephen P. On: November 13, 2009
These kinds of bonuses in my opinion coincide with pretty much everything you guys are saying as well. I like to get a bonus each and every time I deposit. I don't like the fact that the "Go Casino" bonus is not automatically credited to your account though and think that it really should be.
Comment by: casinowizard On: October 01, 2009
Staged bonuses are certainly the way to go as far as deposit bonuses go. I think that the general consensus seems to be that these are everyone's favorite types of bonuses these days. I noticed though that Aladdin's Gold is offering an interesting promotion right now where you can get a 200% match bonus up to an unlimited amount something that I've never really seen before quite honestly. It seems like a risky bonus for a casino to offer but I suppose they must know what they're doing.
Comment by: Brady On: September 23, 2009
These definitely are my favorite kinds of online casino bonuses as well and seem to be the most common. I'm also a big fan of bonuses that are offered on a higher percentage basis. For example a 200% bonus or higher.
Comment by: Fred Lutton On: September 01, 2009
No doubt the more free money the better... It's going to always be that way. It's when there's some convoluted clauses in there that makes it a real pain in the ass.
Comment by: Paul K. On: July 31, 2009
Yeah just like guys I too am a big fan of the multi-stage online casino bonuses. I like having the ability to continue to make deposits even after a welcome bonus and be rewarded for my deposits. Bonuses like the one that Go Casino offer are great they really are!
Comment by: bentobox On: July 22, 2009
One of my favorite types of bonus offers at online casinos right now is definitely the multi-stage type bonuses that they offer. I think that they're popular because they give casinos good repeat business and for players they give players the opportunity to get more then one welcome bonus. I look at it as though I get a welcome bonus pretty much every time I deposit especially if I'm playing at Go Casino and taking advantage of their 20 deposit bonus.
Comment by: Jane Parker On: July 18, 2009
Of all the casinos out there to choose from and play generally I choose to opt for playing at those who offer these kinds of multi-stage bonuses as it gives you something to look forward to when you make your second, third, etc... bonus at the online casino. I think the bonus offered by Go Casino is a little excessive but none the less is a great bonus for players that will go all the way up to making a 20th deposit at the casino.
Comment by: Brandon Tenner On: April 15, 2009
These are definitely nice bonuses personally I prefer these kinds of bonuses but not when they're on such high levels. I prefer a 100% match bonus up to $200 on my first 5 deposits for example. I know it's the same with the $1000 bonus being described here that's offered by Go Casino but smaller bonuses for some reason are more attractive to me... I suppose it's because they seem more real. I prefer bonuses offered by casinos like Golden Casino, Rushmore Casino and Platinum Play Casino.
Comment by: Karon Spence On: April 09, 2009
Multi-stage deposit bonuses are definitely cool but personally I prefer the no deposit type bonuses (although generally not as high gives me the chance to try playing at an online casino before I play for real money) as well as typical deposit bonuses. I prefer 200%+ deposit bonuses where I can say deposit $100 and get $200 free for an initial bankroll of $300 but I'm also a fan of simple 100% match bonuses as well...
Comment by: Frank Pulson On: April 09, 2009
Yeah these kinds of bonuses are definitely great and I've always found them to keep me playing at casinos for longer as I'm unable to get the full bonus in one go. I think from an online casinos standpoint these bonuses are put into place strategically as casinos know that players will continue to come back and deposit.
Comment by: Lilly Benson On: April 06, 2009
Multi-level or in the case where they're described as Multi-stage bonuses as seen here on Casino Advisor are some of the best online casino bonuses you'll find out there. Not only are they by far the most compelling in the fact that the total value of the bonus is large such as in the case as described above at Go Casino but that they bear a significant amount of value.

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