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By: Ryan Alders, Wednesday January 6th 2010
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Some online casino games are designated as multi player games. These are usually card games that are played seated at a table. Blackjack and Caribbean stud poker are examples. New players must clearly understand the difference between single player and multi player games.

The term multi player gives the impression of a game in which a number of different online players can play together as is done in land casinos. However this is not the case. In single player games though the table may show seating position for a number of players, the cards can be dealt only on one of the positions. The player plays only one hand at a time. In multi player games cards can be dealt at all the positions shown on the table. The player can choose how many positions are to be played. The cards are then dealt at all the chosen positions and the player plays each hand one at a time. For example in a game of blackjack if the player decides to wager at three seats he places the bet at three of the seat positions. The dealer deals two cards face up at each of the three positions and then deals his own cards. The player plays out each of the three hands independently one at a time. After this the dealer's hand is played according to the rules of the game. Each of the three hands of the player is independently compared with the dealer's final hand and separate payouts made for each winning player hand.

Several other online casino games also allow for multiple independent wagers by the player. However the term multi player is not used to describe these games. Different games have different terminologies. In video poker this concept is referred to as multi hand video poker. Depending on the player's choosing multi hand video poker games have from four to hundred hands. One of these hands is the base hand. The player makes his decision on the base hand and this decision is replicated on the remaining hands. Each hand is finally independently compared with the payout table.

Microgaming is one online casino software developer that has incorporated this concept in slot games. These slot games are referred to as mega spin slots. These are all three reel slot games in which players can wager on four, six or nine sets of reels simultaneously. Players place the wager and then set all the slot games spinning at the same time. When the reels come to rest each set is independently compared with the payout table and payouts made as required.

Some advantages of multi player games are that they are visually more appealing and provide greater excitement. However the real advantage lies in the fact that they play out much faster. Hundred hands are completed in a very short time in a multi hand video poker game. Playing hundred single hand video poker games will take a much longer time. On the flipside, the investment required in multi player games is much larger. Therefore players who are getting started at online casinos should begin with single player games. Once they have understood the rules completely and have accumulated sufficiently large bankrolls then they can graduate to multi player games.

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Comment by: Kinton Karling On: February 01, 2010
I didn't really know that they existed. None of the casinos that I've played at over the years so far have offered multi-player games. Perhaps I just didn't look hard enough or something. I do however thing that these kinds of games are definitely for me though. I like playing in environments where I'm surrounded by other people. I really think that these kinds of games would offer that.
Comment by: liakenzo On: January 24, 2010
Definitely these games are very much engaging and fun to play. I think that in general the ability to communicate with others is great to have in these kinds of games. I'm surprised that online casinos actually allow it to happen though as I would imagine that people would really take a bite at the casino and that it's rigged and this and that.
Comment by: Billy Minor On: January 18, 2010
I myself am not personally very familiar with these multi-player type games but I beleive that I too would probably enjoy playing them as I like the comfort feeling you get when you play around other players.
Comment by: bbqboyhere On: January 17, 2010
I for one am a big fan of the idea behind being able to chat with other players move around from table to table, etc... It's nice to be playing with others and it certainly would to a certain extent create the impression as though you were playing at a land based casino especially with games like blackjack, craps, roulette where you play those cause you like the game firstly but also cause you enjoy the action of being around other players.
Comment by: nychopper On: January 15, 2010
It's unfortunate but I don't really think that there are any US accepting online casinos out there that are offering any games of this nature where you can play in a multi-player type environment although it would be great if they did as I think that I would be interested in playing these sorts of games.
Comment by: Tealmantis On: January 14, 2010
I've never personally played too many of these types of games although I think that I'd really enjoy the multi-player type games especially if I could chat with other players. This would definitely create the impression as though I was playing in a real land based casino.
Comment by: Milton On: January 13, 2010
They are fun the live games are especially interesting. Not really my thing in particular but none the less very entertaining and I'm certain that some out there would really love it.
Comment by: Charles L. On: January 12, 2010
I like them but I prefer multi-player games that don't have chat or anything which is what I find to be most common out there or at least a feature that allows you to turn off the chat as I had nothing more then when people are bitching and complaining about the fact that they're loosing. Most of the time it can be attributed to the fact that they just don't know what they're doing or how to play the games.
Comment by: Alison Pravda On: January 11, 2010
Agreed I think that multi-player online casino games are really fun and entertaining. Also if they're multiplayer but are also live dealer feed type games which are quite common for games like blackjack, roulette and baccarat then I think that you're in luck.
Comment by: Blake On: January 09, 2010
Multi-player online casino games can be very enjoyable and entertaining to say the least. So long as the people that you're playing with are fun to play with I really think that this kind of game play can be rewarding.
Comment by: Alice B On: January 09, 2010
Cryptologic actually offers some pretty good Multi-Player online casino games as does 888. I think that the ones offered by 888 are probably some of the best online casino games out there from which you can take advantage of playing on.

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