Vegas Craps Details Page

    Vegas Craps Details Page

Software (10)

The software is what can be expected from Microgaming, which is to say that it is crisp, highly functional, and perhaps most importantly, provides what the player is looking for most, which is to really facilitate the kind of action the customer is used to. When you play a game, you don't want to get bogged down in trying to make everything work.

Easy to Understand (7)

The only real negative here - though one that can become considerable - is that craps is not the easiest game in the world for the beginner or even the novice to comprehend and play. In a sense, this may complicate things for the online player. And that will serve to keep people away from the game. However, if you are familiar with the basic craps layout, and have an inclination to learn, you can take the help files and study them to the point where you can become familiar with it.

Graphics & Sounds (9)

Once again, as with most of the games that are developed by Microgaming, the quality of sounds and graphics is superb. One only needs to check out the games put forth by other manufacturers to make that favorable comparison. You have the option of constructing a combination of game sounds, win sounds, background sounds and "advanced" sounds, or turn all of them off completely.

Game Speed (8)

There are no speed controls that we can decipher, but you don't really need them in this game. That's because craps is not a game of speed, and the player (you) has control over throwing out the series of bets that are going to be the subject of each round of play. Then there is a roll of the dice. So in a sense, by definition you are in control of the speed of the game.

Game Features (8)

Splendid. You can keep Hardway bets, Buy bets, 6 and 8 bets and "Place to Win" bets always on. And players can have access to all kinds of statistics. Here's an example - For those players who are advocates of the "law of averages," Microgaming offers the opportunity to keep track of all the rolls of the dice, so that you can "forecast" what is about to come out next. That's in the "Dice Totals" part of the Stats section (click "%" to get there). You'll also find a tally of the value of EACH die (yes, that's not a typo - the singular of dice is "die") if you really want to be esoteric about it. But that is the value of the software; if you want to knock yourself out with that kind of stuff, they will help you do that.

Fun Factor (8)

The value here is high. Of course, you have to be the kind of person who likes to play craps. If you're not, or want to be but don't know how, there is a pathway to enjoyment if you want to hunker down and learn about it.

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8.34 / 10
Software 10
Easy to Understand 7
Graphics & Sounds 9
Game Speed 8
Game Features 8
Fun Factor 8

Vegas Craps Highlights
  • Bet setting easily facilitated
  • Outstanding graphics and sounds
  • Strong statistical apparatus
  • Superb game features

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