Tomb Raider Player Reviews
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Tomb Raider Player Reviews and Votes

TombRaider MGS online casino slot game fun overall
Rating: by: frenchkiss, on October 28, 2009
Pros: A fun game but not as good as some of Microgaming newer games
Cons: Get's a bit repetetive
If you play at Microgaming casinos then you're certainly aware of the fact that they really boost the TombRaider game and not just the Secret of the Sword which is the sequel to the original TombRaider but the original as well. In fact the TombRaider slot game is one of the most popular games within Microgaming powered online casino sites. It's... Read More »
Tomb Raider Slot - A Casino Game that Lives Up
Rating: by: bill_buxton, on June 17, 2009
Pros: Good graphics and an exciting game to play!
Cons: None I loved this game...
I must say that the constant bombardment of promotional offers from the Microgaming casinos that I play at push this game to players. This fact certainly had enticed me to check out and see for myself. Why was this online casino game was so dominant in the Microgaming library of online casino games especially when they have so many games to choose... Read More »
I always wondered why the Tomb Raider online slot was highly rated.
Rating: by: golfpro, on June 05, 2009
Pros: Thrilling game with exciting free spins feature and bonus round.
Cons: Loved this game really saw no disadvantages.
I always heard from other players and read all over the web as well as here on Casino Advisor I beleive that the Tomb Raider online casino video slot game available at Microgaming online casinos was one of the best games you can play in the suite of Microgaming casino games. For a software platform to have so many games and to consistently hear... Read More »
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