Summer Holiday Details Page

    Summer Holiday Details Page

Software (10)

The smooth and glitch-free Microgaming software that has been used in this game has proved effective yet again. This wonderful software, with its 3D graphics has made it possible for players to be enthralled by the Summery theme of this game. The game also has an auto-play feature which is fairly sophisticated, and can be enabled by selecting a number of spins, coin denomination and speed at which to be played. This auto-play feature helps the player relax while watching the money raking in.

Easy to Understand (10)

The Summer Holiday Slots game has very few features, which makes it easy to understand for most players. The simplicity of the game, combined with the user-friendly interface and the symbols which are self-explanatory make it very easy for players to grasp the various nuances of this game without much effort.

Graphics & Sounds (10)

Summer Holiday has 3D symbols which make the game more enjoyable. This is combined perfectly with the animation to transport players to their favorite summer holiday destination, complete with a picnic and barbeque. The sounds also help to enhance this effect.

Theme and Concept (10)

The theme of the Summer Holiday slot game may be simple, but it is very well executed. There are not too many slot games with a picnic summer holiday theme, though the summer itself has been a popular theme among slot games. In this way, this slot game is unique from the rest, and Microgaming has helped to ensure that the graphics, sounds and animations also support this theme perfectly. The theme is definitely aimed at bringing out the happiness and joy that summer brings to the hearts of people, and winning money while recollecting ones favorite summer holiday is the best way to spend an afternoon.

Game Features (8)

Although Summer Holiday has a pick-a-prize feature as well as two sets of wild symbols, it could have been still improved with the introduction of some other features. While this game is kept simple and straightforward, a scatter symbol and bonus round help greatly in improving the appeal of a game.

Betting Options (9)

With very few coin choices, and the option of only betting one coin per pay-line, this game does not have too many betting options. However, the fact that there are 100 pay-lines means that the options are increased.

Jackpots (9)

While this game does not have a progressive jackpot, this is more than compensated by a maximum jackpot of 2,250,000 coins.

Casinos offering this game

9.43 / 10
Software 10
Easy to Understand 10
Graphics & Sounds 10
Theme and Concept 10
Game Features 8
Betting Options 9
Jackpots 9

Summer Holiday Highlights
  • Incredible jackpot
  • Excellent, well executed theme
  • 100 Pay-lines
  • Free Spin Bonus & Pick a Prize Feature

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