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Sterling Silver Online Casino Video Slot by MGS Great Game

Rating: by: golfpro, on July 12, 2009
Pros: Nice graphics and sound and some nice wins can be produced.
Cons: Background music although nice can get annoying after a while.

Although there are quite a few things that I look for in the slots I play these days I've found that the new Sterling Silver Microgaming video slot game offers pretty much everything I look for in a slot game. This is a new game that was released this July (July 2009) and is one of the better of the four games they've released this month.

The graphics and the audio in this game are very good. The one thing I noticed that they've done in this game which I haven't seen Microgaming really do in the past is to lower the volume of the background audio loop while the reels are spinning and then raise the volume back to it's regular level when the reels stop spinning. It's a nice feature and takes away from some of the annoying persistent background music they play in this game. I'm starting to think more and more that I prefer games that actually only play background music or any audio loops when the reels are spinning.

The Sterling Silver online casino video slot game does feature some interesting things that Microgaming has never done in a slot game as far as I can tell from the games I've played at their casinos. They offer wilds that pay anywhere from 2x to 10x on the reels when they're substituting for other symbols. These are random wild multipliers. There is a standard multiplier symbol as well which is the "Sterling Silver" symbol.

The game also features a free spins bonus round which can be hit by getting three of the "Sterling Silver Scatter" anywhere on reels 2, 3 or 4. The free spin bonus round is actually very rewarding as you get 15 free spins in addition to a 10x multiplier. In addition the game offers a gamble feature. So overall the game is pretty much packed with features. Because of this the spread of prizes are fairly small as the largest 5 symbol combination yields a win of 1000 whereas most of their other games are anywhere from 5000 and up.

Overall though it's a great game and one I'd highly recommend checking out and playing!


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