Sic Bo Details Page

    Sic Bo Details Page

Software (9)

Placing bets is made very convenient through a number of buttons provided to the player. Customizability is available in the sound options and the game settings. A large number of statistics are provided. A notable absentee is Auto Play.

Easy to Understand (9)

The game procedure is easy to understand. The Help section is comprehensive. Most of the bets are clearly explained. The Single Dice bets are a bit confusing.

Graphics & Sounds (9)

The graphics are sharp and the text can be read clearly. The colors are subdued and this allows players to focus on the text. The animation of the dice rolling adds realism.

The game has excellent sound options. The game sounds simulate the clutter of the rolling of the dice. The win sound indicates that at least one of the player’s bets has won. The background sound is a light music played when the game is idle. Advanced sound is the dealer announcing "No more bets" once the roll button is clicked. This actually serves no function, it only adds to the realism. The best aspect of the sound options is that each one can be enabled or disabled individually.

Game Speed (7)

There is no provision to adjust game speeds and this is a major drawback. Though the time the dice roll is not inordinately long some players may find it irritating to wait, especially if they want to get in more rolls in a short time.

Theme and Concept (8)

There are a large number of bets to suit all tastes. Some bets pay out frequently but small amounts like the Small and Big bets. The Small and Big bets have a house edge of less than 3%, which is acceptable. Other bets have high house edges and should be played occasionally.

Fun Factor (8)

The fun factor is Sic Bo arises from the fact that it is an exotic game. Since it is played with three dice the number of options increases. The disadvantage is that no skill is required in the game, except for avoiding the very high house edge bets.

Casinos offering this game

8.34 / 10
Software 9
Easy to Understand 9
Graphics & Sounds 9
Game Speed 7
Theme and Concept 8
Fun Factor 8

Sic Bo Highlights
  • Comprehensive Help section
  • Large and clear betting area
  • Comprehensive Statistics

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