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Another Microgaming cookie cutter online casino game!

Rating: by: silmondo, on January 24, 2010
Pros: Graphics and audio in game a really nice.
Cons: Game appears to be a cookie cutter Microgaming online casino game!

Of the three games released this month by Microgaming this one is my least favorite although I haven't yet been able to play the Hellboy video slot game as a result of some issue that seems to be plaguing Microgaming's download systems or something at the moment, not sure actually what's going on. The Robot Butler game that they've released that uses that user interface that's branded to the casino vs. to the game itself isn't all that great of a game overall. The game is a little more fully featured in terms of bonuses then some of their other cookie cutter type games but I swear the values for the payout tables for this game are very similar to others that they offer that I've seen and played in the past.

The game offers a fully featured pick and choose type bonus round in addition to a free spins bonus feature which by the way can be re-triggered which I think is a must these days when it comes to playing slots with free spins as there's nothing worse then getting a combo for a free spin win while in a free spin and getting nothing and trust me there's tons of these kinds of games out there. The gamble feature is always a nice touch although I myself personally don't use the gamble feature all that much any more.

Overall the games not bad and I didn't mean for the first part of this review to come across that way it's just that I think that Microgaming can do better and would be best to see them releasing more games that are unique, different in concept and interesting over and above all else.


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