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    Poker Ride Details Page

Software (9)

Of course, Microgaming always manages to offer a unique and user-friendly experience in the online casino atmosphere. The layout is very clean and organized, as you've got the three betting circles in front of you, with the optional jackpot bet circle in front. There is no confusion as to where any of it is supposed to go. Microgaming offers its players the chance to control sounds, keep stats and exert other controls over play, which puts it out front as far as online casino software designers are concerned.

Easy to Understand (9)

What makes this game familiar, even to people who haven't played it before, is that it is a "kissin' cousin" of both Let It Ride and Texas Hold'em (with the exception that you are not playing against other players but the house. Mircrogaming provides comprehensive help files for anyone who has a problem with the game. If you know what it is to call or raise a bet, this game will come naturally.

Graphics & Sounds (9)

Sounds are a very big part of the casino experience, if you really want to take the whole thing in. If you're not the type who likes soundtracks, Microgaming is going to let you shut some or all of it off. Graphically, this is sound and understated, with a friendly layout, the shoe and other features of the virtual table are life-like, the payout is displayed prominently in the upper left of the interface, and the big red buttons with the "Raise" and "Call" commands can't be missed.

Game Speed (9)

Remember that even though this is poker, it is not a poker game where you would compete against other players, so there is no need to get anxious about being left behind. You are in control, and you can control the speed of the game, another way Microgaming makes the gaming experience painless (we almost wrote "penniless" by misspelling mistake; we have to be more careful).

Game Features (9)

One of the better features in this game is the idea that you can be paid out of the progressive jackpot pool even if you don't get the Royal Flush. For a Straight Flush, you'll get 10% of the progressive jackpot. With Four of a Kind, you'll get 500 units, while the Full House brings 100 and the Flush 50. You can get full stats too, which is one thing Microgaming is sensational at, since it knows many of its players love to keep records of their play.

Fun Factor (9)

There is some great fun to be had here, because it provides suspense - the same kind of thing one might see on TV with the World Series of Poker, as the cards in the flop are revealed. In that way it resembles Texas Hold'em more than it does Let It Ride. The decisions as to putting more money into play also require an element of skill, so for those people who want to exercise their grey matter and/or flex their egos, this is a game to enjoy.

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9.00 / 10
Software 9
Easy to Understand 9
Graphics & Sounds 9
Game Speed 9
Game Features 9
Fun Factor 9

Poker Ride Highlights
  • Straight flush can win a piece of the progressive
  • Microgaming's graphics package
  • Unique format

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