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Microgaming Online Casino Tournament Interface

By: Joan Peppin, Wednesday November 4th 2009
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Online tournaments are a popular activity at Internet casinos. All online gaming software providers build in tournament structures into their software. However, online tournaments are inherently different from normal wagering at Internet casinos. The major factor in online tournaments is that the player’s performance is judged relative to the performances of other players. In normal wagering other players do not come into the equation at all. In normal wagering the player chooses his own bankroll, small or large, whereas in online tournaments the starting stack is fixed according to the rules of the tournament. Rebuy tournaments allow players to replenish their chip stacks for a fee. In normal wagering the player can wager for how long he wants whereas online tournaments usually stipulate a time frame for each player.

These differences necessitate that different parameters are tracked by players in online tournaments and they require different information so as to be able to make the best decisions. Microgaming understands this very well and therefore provides a slightly different screen for their games during tournament play. The basic game functions as usual, only the additional information required is provided in a clear and concise manner. This article explains the more important of the features that are tracked during tournaments and that appear in the Microgaming tournament interface. This interface appears in three columns on the left-hand side of the bottom toolbar.

Microgaming Tournament Interface

  • Win Box: The Win Box appears in the left-most column just below the alias of the player. The amount of coins that are won in the tournament by the player, which decide his position in the leader board is displayed here.

  • Coins: This is displayed just below the Win Box. The amount displayed here represents the chip balance available with the player for wagering. Once this is used the player will need to rebuy.

  • Play Time: The Play Time is displayed in the middle column just above the game statistics and options buttons. In online tournament each player is given a fixed time to wager. The Play Time indicates the amount of time left for the player to complete his participation in the online tournament. Once the play time reaches zero the tournament session will automatically close.

The right-most column shows three tabs each of which provides relevant information of the player’s position vis-à-vis other players.

  • My Place: My Place displays the player’s rank on the leader board with the players immediately above and below him. It also displays the amount won by him.

  • Top 5: Top 5 displays the rank, names and balances of the top five players in the tournament and gives the player and idea of how many more chips he needs to accumulate in order to figure in the top five.

  • Show in Window: The Show in Window link takes the player to the complete leader board in a different window. Since the number of players in an online tournament can run into several hundreds or even thousands the complete leader board is split into a number of pages that can be navigated using the arrows. The information displayed includes the player’s position, alias, coins and win box.

  • Where am I?: In case the player wants to locate his entry on the full leader board described above he can have to scroll through a large number of pages. In order to save him time Microgaming has incorporated a "Where am I?" link on the first page itself that will take the player directly to his entry.

Microgaming Tournament Leader Board

Microgaming Tournament Leader Board Where am I

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Comment by: Blinky Roast On: February 15, 2010
I've always found it pretty straight forward and simple to understand Microgaming's tournament interface. I suppose however that I don't know much else from their interface as I really don't play that much elsewhere other then Microgaming casinos.
Comment by: Roger Morris On: November 23, 2009
Microgaming's tournaments are easy to understand and have sizable player volume that allows the prizes in some of the tournaments that they offer to get rather high at times. I'm really happy playing in tournaments that they offer in general.
Comment by: Paul K. On: November 16, 2009
The time limit aspect of Microgaming tournaments from my perspective is kind of a ridiculous element to their games and one in which I think they should do without. I also think that the player interactivity element is non existent in their games and think that it would be a far better system if they were to even allow players to chat in a moderated chat room or even post messages twitter style somewhere within the game.
Comment by: Charles L. On: November 10, 2009
Definitely agree the MGS tournament system is a good one however I'm not a huge fan of their time limits as well as bentobox has mentioned in his comment below.
Comment by: Gino On: November 10, 2009
I know that there are people that don't really love the MGS tournaments but I for one enjoy playing them and think that they do a great job in their setup firstly of online casino tournaments in general and also how they're run.
Comment by: bentobox On: November 06, 2009
I do like the Microgaming online casino tournaments that they run, however I do not like and am definitely not a fan whatsoever of the fact that they apply time limits to their tournaments. I think they should really do away with this and things would be a lot better if they were making their tournaments more fun to play knowing that you didn't have to commit to playing in the tournament within their allotted time frame.

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