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MySlot online casino video slot offers customizable themes

Rating: by: frankpulson, on January 04, 2009
Pros: Amazing concept for creating themed games.
Cons: Didn't find the animations and default sounds that great.

I must say that I was quite surprised to find out an online casino game exists that allows you to customize the theme of the game to your own liking. I was rather impressed when I launched this game for the first time as my first thought was that it was going to be rather difficult to customize and create my own themes... Little did I know that I'd get addicted to this game and create many of my own themes and concepts in literally minutes. It's a great concept and I must commend Microgaming on the innovation here. This type of game would never really work in land based casinos but it's a great concept for online casinos.

MySlot is a 9 line 5 reel video slot game and although the default theme when you first enter the game is kind of boring and bland you'll quickly find that getting started in creating your own themes is easy enough that a child could do it... In fact I tested this theory out myself by having my 6 year old try making a concept for me to play with (no need to worry I'd never let him actually play...), he was able to put together his own theme for the game in a matter of minutes!

The only thing I wasn't overly impressed with were the default graphics for the game when I first launched it in addition to the default audio for the game. I highly recommend that if you do decide to play the MySlot game that you create your own themes / skins for the game as the experience will be far more enjoyable and more personal.


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