Major Millions Details Page

    Major Millions Details Page

Software (9)

You are very unlikely to have technical problems with Microgaming software, because it is the most dependable in the industry. As far as safety and security is concerned, you couldn't do any better. There is a user-friendliness with the software as it is applied to this game that would be hard to beat. Player options offer flexibility in terms of the sounds and speeds of the game, and if you want to take you hands off, so to speak, you can just switch to Expert Mode, then AutoPlay, and your problem is handled.

Easy to Understand (9)

The fact that the jackpot criteria is easily explained is something that scores points in this game. You know what the "wild" symbol is. You know that you have to get five in a row to cash in. And you know that the payline that's going to pay you the huge bucks is the 15th. So just follow it. Otherwise, hey - it's a slot game; what could be so complicated. If there's anything you don't understand, just "help yourself" to the Help files which are accessible through the "?" icon at the top left.

Graphics & Sounds (9)

The graphics are imaginative and vivid, and they are part of a layout that is first-rate. Everything is very crystal-clear in front of you. The jackpot figure is very clearly seen right at the top of the screen. You can easily see where the paylines go, not to mention your player controls. You can use the soundtrack to create a great atmosphere with this game, but if your choice is to play in silence - or partial silence - you have the option of dropping a grenade on the win sounds, game sounds or background sounds.

Theme and Concept (8)

This is a theme that may put off some anti-war folks, because it is a military-related theme and concept. It's very gung-ho, and you've got the tanks, the war planes, the ribbons, the top secret "stuff," and of course, the major himself. The theme is fine. Of course, if you win the progressive jackpot, ANY theme is the greatest in the world.

Game Features (9)

The more useful features, the more pleasant the atmosphere can be. With Major Millions, there is no shortage of features. One of them is the very practical "Quick Spin," which accelerates the speed at which the reels will spin, and thus gives you an opportunity to get more play under your belt. AutoPlay is another great feature, available in Expert Mode (as opposed to Regular Mode), which serves to automate your play, allowing you to avoid as much hands-on interaction with the software as you want.

Betting Options (8)

Major Millions has one coin size - it's 0.20. With the number of paylines at 15, this means a maximum bet of 300 coins, which you can get by clicking the "Bet Max" button at the bottom of the interface. Having just one coin size might be awkward or bothersome for some people.

Jackpots (8)

Obviously when we talk about jackpots, the biggest jackpot is the progressive, which starts at $250,000, which is more impressive than some and not as big-time as that in the Mega Moolah game, for example, which begins at a cool million. The Major Millions symbol brings 8000 coins if there are five in a row, but there is a very big dip to the next most "valuable" symbol, The Major (1000 coins).

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8.58 / 10
Software 9
Easy to Understand 9
Graphics & Sounds 9
Theme and Concept 8
Game Features 9
Betting Options 8
Jackpots 8

Major Millions Highlights
  • Combinations with wilds triple in value
  • AutoPlay and Expert Mode are available
  • Progressive jackpot

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