Lucky News Network Details Page

    Lucky News Network Details Page

Software (9)

When it comes to the reliability of the software, it is very tough to beat Microgaming, which has a well-earned reputation as one of the best forms in this business of online casino software. There is an originality to the theme, and an ease of operation. Navigation is no problem, and there are a number of different options available to you as the player, not the least of which is the ability to customize the specific sounds that are played in the background. If you are the type who doesn't like to play around with a lot of buttons, you can put the game on AutoPlay and let the software do most of the work for you, for as long as you wish.

Easy to Understand (10)

It's simple. You know what this game is about, if you've ever watched an evening news broadcast. There is nothing overly complicated about the slot game itself, or the bonus game. What you don't understand can be easily picked up in the Help files, which, as produced by Microgaming, are probably the most comprehensive in the industry.

Graphics & Sounds (9)

These graphics are very crisp and colorful, and they are completely consistent with the theme. More importantly, when you're looking at the screen, even though many of them look like they are from the same "template," you can easily distinguish each one from the other. Honestly, the soundtrack is lively and crisp, although it is not something that is necessarily indigenous to the game itself. But you can shut the sounds off, or any part of them, if you like. Microgaming offers that kind of flexibility with this game.

Theme and Concept (9)

The theme is very effective, because it is one that is easy to understand, and it is rather unique among slot games we've seen. Every part of this game, from the wilds and scatters to the bonus game, is consistent with this theme.

Game Features (8)

There is one bonus game here, and it is the Bonus Bulletin Bonus Game, which only gets triggered when the Bonus Bulletin symbols appear on Reel #1 and Reel #5 on the screen. When the bonus game is activated, you have to choose from among fifteen bonus symbols in order to uncover the prize that is behind it. There is some variety here, as you can wind up with up to twenty free spins, a random bonus win, or the random bonus PLUS an opportunity to pick another bonus symbol for another prize. That's a big positive. As far as other features are concerned, there is a "Quick Spin" option that allows you to speed up the reels so results come faster, and the Expert Mode, which includes AutoPlay.

Betting Options (9)

The minimum coin size is .01, with a maximum of .25. With 20 paylines available, and a limit of 20 coins available, the maximum wager in this game is 400 coins, which is extremely respectable. The "Bet Max" button is at the bottom on green, in case you want to bypass all the math and wager the highest amount possible.

Jackpots (8)

The Lucky News Network logo is the wild and also accounts for the highest jackpot for five in a payline, which is 2000 coins. Next on the list is the Male Newscaster with 1000 coins, then the Female Newscaster with 600 (isn't that chauvinist?). The "depth" in terms of the jackpots is not jaw-dropping, but there are six symbols in the game that will bring a payout of 300 coins or more.

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8.86 / 10
Software 9
Easy to Understand 10
Graphics & Sounds 9
Theme and Concept 9
Game Features 8
Betting Options 9
Jackpots 8

Lucky News Network Highlights
  • Original theme
  • Autoplay and Expert Mode is available
  • Bonus Bulletin Game has a variety of prizes
  • Wild combinations pay out
  • Twenty paylines

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