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Kung Fu Money web casino slot game by Microgaming superb!

Rating: by: golfpro, on October 20, 2009
Pros: Multi-stage bonus round that's very interactive, free spins can be re-triggered
Cons: Max line win combo only 2500

Kung Fu Monkey is a part of the latest release of Microgaming online casino slots games and is one of the most fun games released by Microgaming as of the last few releases. I'm really enjoying this games and think that if you enjoy the new generation of Microgaming slots games then this is one that you too may like playing too.

The Kung Fu Monkey video slot features both a bonus round and a free spin feature both of which are fun and can be fairly rewarding. The bonus round is entered into by hitting three "chinatown" scatter combos. This bonus round is very fun with great transitions into the bonus round and throughout the different scenes within the bonus round of the game. The Kung Fu Monkey online casino slot bonus round is themed around fighting scenarios where you first start out in a dojo fighting several amateur monkeys then once you complete this bonus round you can make it to the next bonus round where you have the opportunity to fight several ninjas. If you're able to progress to the next bonus round then you have a chance to fight the monkey master ninja where you can win some serious credits. A really interesting and fun bonus round.

The Kung Fu Monkey video slot also features a great free spin bonus round that can be entered into by hitting the gong scatter symbol scattered anywhere on reels 1 and 5. The nice thing about this free spin bonus round is that all prizes that are won in the free spin bonus round are doubled and also that the bonus round can be re-triggered. When you enter into the bonus round the number of free spins that you get are 10 likewise if you were to hit the re-trigger as well.

One thing worth mentioning is that the highest line win combo in this game is only 2500x which is far less then many and in fact most of Microgaming's video slot games that they've been releasing lately.


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Comment by: Tealmantis On: October 22, 2009
A very nice game indeed. I really like how Microgaming is doing stuff where they transition between the scenes in the game I think it definitely makes the game more impactful and fun to play.

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