Jackpot Deuces Details Page

    Jackpot Deuces Details Page

Software (9)

What you see on the screen is the ease of navigating and the options that are at your disposal. In those categories, Microgaming pays off big, because it has designed a tight interface that really lets you get into your game without having to worry about where everything is. This is really state-of-the-art design, and it also carries with it the kind of safety and security that is the hallmark of a Microgaming product.

Easy to Understand (9)

The game of video poker is actually very simple once you get the basic rules down. Unless you are a complete newcomer, you should be able to pick up this game in a minute or two. Know the basic rules of your own play as well - put out that maximum bet of five coins so that you can qualify for the progressive jackpot.

Graphics & Sounds (9)

One of the things that allows for greater flexibility on the part of players (that means you) is that in Jackpot Deuces you are at the controls of all the sounds in the game. You can choose to keep them all on, or shut some of them, or all of them, off. The graphics are very crisp and colorful. Most of all, they are functional. You have that payout table in plain view all the time, and the player controls are lined up very neatly at the bottom of the interface for your convenience.

Game Speed (9)

Game speed is very important for a lot of people, because many of them want to be able to get as much play across in as little time as possible. Microgaming, with Jackpot Deuces, allows you to do just that, and also allows you to decide how much time is going to elapse between rounds of play as you exercise AutoPlay.

Game Features (9)

You can use PlayCheck in this game; it's a device that allows you to track the results of your hands going back seven days. If you are type who likes to do a little "research" on your play, that is an ideal route to go. With the sound options, you can control the kind of atmosphere you play around. Speed controls are important, as mentioned, and with AutoPlay you can not only do that but also exercise the opportunity to have a consistent bet out there without having to interact with the software. The software will also present you with the best possible hand to continue with after the first deal is made to you. It is your decision as to whether you want to override that, or simply go with the optimum mathematical play.

Fun Factor (9)

Hey, if you like to be in the running for huge progressive jackpots, and at the same time you are the type to throw that maximum bet into the proceedings, then this game is most definitely for you. For a lot of players, the idea that there is less in the way of complications than other video poker games counts for something too. Even if you don't have the cards, having the chance to catch a wild (the Deuce) on the draw always keeps you in the game, so to speak.

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9.00 / 10
Software 9
Easy to Understand 9
Graphics & Sounds 9
Game Speed 9
Game Features 9
Fun Factor 9

Jackpot Deuces Highlights
  • Progressive jackpot
  • Stats function (PlayCheck)
  • Wild cards

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