Pontoon Blackjack Review
Score: 8.50 / 10

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Pontoon Blackjack Review

Pontoon is an interesting and different blackjack variation that is designed and developed by Microgaming, the leading manufacturer of online casino software in the world. It is a game that allows for betting on multiple hands, and follows along with many rules that are familiar to blackjack enthusiasts with some exceptions. Some of the lexicon is different; for example, when you have an Ace and a ten-value card, it is referred to as a "pontoon," rather than a "natural" or a "blackjack," as might be the case in the blackjack variations you are accustomed to.

Pontoon also offers many ways for the player to exercise convenience during the process of play. There are speed controls, which can loom important in the game of blackjack, permitting the player (you) to switch from Slow to Medium to Fast to Fastest. Also, there are a number of sounds that the software produces, designed to enhance the atmosphere. You can control this atmosphere by turning some or all of them to the "off" position. Read Full Review

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What's Hot
  • AutoPlay and strategy options available
  • Interesting and different variation of blackjack
  • Realistic graphics
  • Ability to play five hands at once
Not Too Hot
  • Player must hit 14 or below
  • Rules are strange and may be unfamiliar
  • Dealer has no up-card

Full Review - Pontoon Blackjack (8.50)

Pontoon is a game that is played with eight regular decks of cards, on a layout with five spaces. All of those spaces can be used by the player to make bets, if so desired. At this time we would normally say that there is a twist or two, except that we wouldn't want to confuse you. You see, when we said there was a different lexicon in this game we meant it. One of the words you'll have to learn is indeed "twist," which in effect means a hit after you have been dealt your first two cards.

To "stick" is to stand, and there shouldn't be much confusion about that. BUT, you cannot stick if your hand is at 14 or below. To "split" is essentially the same as any regular brand of blackjack. You are also allowed to "buy" if you are especially confident that you can beat the dealer with your hand. This amounts to a side bet, after which one more card will be dealt.

Like any other version of blackjack, your objective is going to be to aggregate a total in your hand that is greater than that of the dealer without going over the total of 21, or to stay under 21 while the dealer exceeds that total (or "busts").

Pontoon Blackjack Game Information
Software Microgaming
Min. Bet 1
Max. Bet 200
Speed of Game Adjustable
Autoplay Yes

8.50 / 10
Overall Score 8.50
Software 9
Easy to Understand 6
Graphics & Sounds 9
Game Speed 9
Game Features 9
Fun Factor 9

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