Gold Series Euro Blackjack Review

Gold Series Euro Blackjack Payout Tables and Rules

Game Rules and Payout Details

• The game is played with two decks

• The dealer must stand on all 17's

• The player can take multiple cards to split aces, which is a departure from what might be considered "standard" blackjack rules.

• When the upcard is an Ace or ten-value card, the dealer does not peek at the hole card to determine whether there is a blackjack or not.

• The player can split a hand, but can not re-split.

• The player is permitted to double down only on a 9, 10 or 11. In other words, there is no soft doubling.

• Two ten-value cards that are not the same rank can not be split.

Gold Series European Blackjack Payout Schedule

Hand Combination





If you win with a Blackjack you are paid out at odds of 3:2 on your original bet.

Standard Win


If you have a winning hand but not a Blackjack you are paid out at odds of 1:1 on your original bet.

Insurance Win


If you have taken insurance and the Dealer has Blackjack you are paid out at odds of 2:1 on your Insurance bet.

Casinos offering this game

Casinos offering this game

Gold Series Euro Blackjack Quick Facts
Software Microgaming
Min. Bet 1
Max. Bet 200
Speed of Game Adjustable
Autoplay Yes


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Hot Features of this Game
  • Incredible game features and options
  • Simplicity of game play
  • Great, life-like graphics

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