Gold Series Classic Blackjack Details Page

    Gold Series Classic Blackjack Details Page

Software (9)

First-rate, as one might expect from Microgaming. The layout is simple and crisp, the game rules are available by mousing over a graphic that is in front of you, at the top of the table layout, and in case you're a real aficionado, you can keep track of all the results of your play in any one session by accessing the "Stats" option that is at the bottom of the interface.

Easy to Understand (9)

The "classic" blackjack variation is the most common known to the public. As such, it is the most easy to understand of all the blackjack games. In case you have a problem, there is plenty of help material available.

Graphics & Sounds (9)

This game actually simulates the casino experience quite well. You are seeing the cards at about the same angle as you would if you were actually sitting at the table. And you can hear the cards being flipped; that's a nice touch. Another positive about this game is that while you're playing it, there is a dealer's voice that explains what is happening in the game - what your total is, whether you win or lose. Of course, whether you need that or not is debatable, since the cards are extremely easy to see, unlike many other blackjack games.

Game Speed (9)

There are four settings: Slow, Medium, Fast and Fastest. That is important in a game like blackjack, as opposed to slots, for example, in that on every round of play there is both a betting and playing decision. If your game is sharp enough to keep up, you'll have no problem playing at the "fastest" level, and will be able to register more hands per hour that way. By adjusting speeds, Microogaming greatly reduces the intimidation factor, making this a more accessible game.

Game Features (8)

You can adjust sound levels as well as game speeds. Auto-Rebet is available, which allows the player to continue to bet the same amount on succeeding hands. And with the "Quick Deal" option, you can increase how fast the cards are dealt out. There is also an option where you can leave your losing hands on the table. The bet spread of $1-$200 is more than adequate. Controls for placing and clearing bets, making plays and accessing account information are all readily at your fingertips.

Fun Factor (7)

If you like to play blackjack, certainly this game is well worth your while. However, the player options as they apply to the rules are limited. If you're looking for a little more "spice" in your life, you may want to try other variations of the game within the Gold Series.

Casinos offering this game

8.50 / 10
Software 9
Easy to Understand 9
Graphics & Sounds 9
Game Speed 9
Game Features 8
Fun Factor 7

Gold Series Classic Blackjack Highlights
  • Nice, crisp, life-like graphics
  • Adjustable speed
  • Basic format is easy to understand
  • Lots of sound options

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