Gold Series Atlantic City Blackjack Details Page

    Gold Series Atlantic City Blackjack Details Page

Software (9)

There is a certain simplicity that makes this software very easy to use. And safety and security are two of the things that are hallmarks of any software product that is produced by Microgaming. What's nice is that you can get all the rules at a glance simply by mousing over the graphic on the table layout that lists the minimum and maximum bet figures. This is great help if you are in doubt about anything as you are playing the game. All in all, some very solid software.

Easy to Understand (9)

There are a couple of twists that makes this version different from the very basic "Classic" version that is included as part of Microgaming's "Gold Series," but the differences actually make the game more attractive for the player on the form of better rules. However, if you have even a minimum of experience in Atlantic City or Las Vegas, none of these playing rules options will be foreign to you.

Graphics & Sounds (9)

This game offers a nice, life-like casino layout that is not cluttered in the least.
You see the cards at an angle, which could be a little straining for some people. Sound effects indicate the cards flipping over the felt as they come out of the shoe. Dealer sounds are there to guide you along, and that's a nice thing. And if those sounds annoy you, you can turn them off. Of course, all Microgaming offerings allow the player to adjust any of the sounds that are heard in the game, whether they are background, game, winning or dealer sounds.

Game Speed (7)

There exists the option of adjusting speed on this game, and there are four settings for that: Slow, Medium, Fast and Fastest. In blackjack, speeding the game up is instrumental in being able to put more hands and more action across the table on a per-hour basis. But if we have a complaint, it might be that the game was too slow, even when we had it on the "Fastest" option. The slowdown appears to happen after the player makes a decision on hitting, standing, etc.

Game Features (8)

Sound levels and game speeds are adjustable, although as we mentioned, the game may not be as fast as you like it. You can put the game on Autoplay and have minimal interaction with the software if you are playing in "Expert Mode," which can be accessed at the bottom of the interface. There is also an "Auto-Rebet" option which can continue to place the same wager on the table for you. There is nothing wrong with the bet spread of $1-$200 either. Placing the bets is easy, as you just click the denomination and click it into the betting space. For those using Autoplay, there is a customizable blackjack strategy chart that is used, which literally makes the decisions for you if you want it to.

Fun Factor (10)

This is one of those games you certainly want to try if you like blackjack. It offers player options that may not be found in a lot of other blackjack variations; for example, the opportunity to double on any two cards, splitting cards of equal value but different rank, and late surrender are just three of the rules that should be attractive.

Casinos offering this game

8.67 / 10
Software 9
Easy to Understand 9
Graphics & Sounds 9
Game Speed 7
Game Features 8
Fun Factor 10

Gold Series Atlantic City Blackjack Highlights
  • Good rules
  • Expert mode available
  • Sharp graphics
  • Lots of sound options

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