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    Fruit Fiesta Details Page

Software (9)

It almost goes without saying, i you have been around online gaming at all, that Microgaming is the company of choice when it comes to online casino gaming software. And it takes a special piece of software to manage a progressive game as well as they do. The design is rouble-free, and offers you a very user-friendly interface to work with. The options on Microgaming games are hard to beat as well, when it comes to controlling speed and sound. Well-crafted, and good-looking, along with all of the safety and security you have come to expect from a Microgaming product.

Easy to Understand (10)

Microgaming has designed Fruit Fiesta to be very much like a traditional slot game, with symbols you know and understand to be part of the basic fabric of slot machine play - bars, Sevens, fruit symbols. There is not a lot of exotic stuff that has to be absorbed, only the concept of knowing what it takes to win the progressive jackpot at the end. Of course, one of the truly great things about the Microgaming software, regardless of the offering, is that there are always comprehensive help files there to assist you.

Graphics & Sounds (8)

The graphics are nice and big and easy to define. They are of course designed with all the crispness you have come to rely on from this manufacturer. In Fruit Fiesta, all the payouts are listed very easily and conveniently for you, so that you are aware of what you are aiming for at all times.

Theme and Concept (8)

Like some other Microgaming progressives, there is a certain beauty in the simplicity of the game. If you were looking for an exotic theme, you would probably be disappointed, although with this game you can be assured that there will be as colorful a treatment as possible to the traditional genre.

Game Features (7)

There is no Gamble Bonus game, for example, but there are wilds, and of course that is the key to the progressive jackpot. Fruit Fiesta offers the possibility of being able to speed up things if you want through the use of QuickSpin, or letting the software do all the work for you by way of AutoPlay, so that you can always have that maximum bet in play. Once again, as we have stressed, this is not a game with a whole lot of bells and whistles.

Betting Options (8)

Fruit Fiesta has a fixed coin size of .25. If you bet three coins and thereby qualify yourself for the progressive by enabling three paylines, you're betting 75 units. You can click the "Bet Max" button to get to that wager without having to go any further.

Jackpots (8)

The progressive jackpot starts at $800 and will continue to grow until someone succeeds in bagging three Fruit Fiesta symbols in a row. The average jackpot is somewhere in the neighborhood of $25,000. Remember that you have to have a maximum bet out to enabled the third payline in this three-payline game. That particular combination is also profitable when it hits on the first enabled payline (800 coins) and the second enabled payline (1600 coins). For the "regular" symbols in this game, however, the payouts are not awe-inspiring.

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8.29 / 10
Software 9
Easy to Understand 10
Graphics & Sounds 8
Theme and Concept 8
Game Features 7
Betting Options 8
Jackpots 8

Fruit Fiesta Highlights
  • Wilds
  • Familiar symbols
  • Simple interface
  • Progressive jackpot

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