Franken Cash Details Page

    Franken Cash Details Page

Software (9)

There is a strong all-around experience from playing Franken Cash; part of it is that there is considerable thought put into the design, not just graphically, but in terms of navigating your way around the game itself. There is nothing that you have to dig for or search for; everything is laid out in a very clear fashion, and the options available add to the convenience of play. Those options include certain sound and speed controls as well as AutoPlay, which comes in Expert Mode (you can also play in Regular Mode).

Easy to Understand (9)

Microgaming does a very good job of adopting themes that have a familiarity to most people; Franken Cash is an example of that. Most people are familiar with the basic premise, and that is a plus. As far as the rules of Franken Cash and explanation of the bonus games is concerned, you can easily refer to the help files that are provided with the game. They can be accessed by clicking the "?" icon at the top left-hand corner of the interface.

Graphics & Sounds (8)

The graphics are very, very solid. And the choice of symbols is excellent too. Certainly they are clear and recognizable, and the graphics work their way into the whole scene in a way that is very natural. Nothing is intrusive. The scene is not cluttered. The sounds relate to the theme; a haunting piano dominates the soundtrack, and it can be either used as background or discarded, along with the other sounds.

Theme and Concept (9)

This is a very consistent theme and a clear concept. It's about the mad scientist and his spooky experimenting. How many people know that Frankenstein was the scientist's name, not the monster's? Of course, the monster is Igor. They're all represented in this game!

Game Features (8)

In the Electrifying Bonus Game you will have the chance to pick up three different multipliers, which added together could give you quite a bit more than your bet - up to 120 times that much, to be exact. Based on a 200-coin maximum, that is up to 24,000 coins. All wins during the Free Spins Bonus Game are doubled, and a maximum appearance of the Switch scatter (five on the reels) brings a 100x multiplier. Other features to this game that affect play, in the way of options, include AutoPlay, Quick Spin and Sound Settings, which offer an awful lot of flexibility.

Betting Options (8)

You can bet a minimum coin size of .01 up to 1.00 (a dollar). That maximum coin size is good, but with 20 paylines, and a maximum of ten coins, you've got a maximum of 200 coins that can be bet on any one spin, which is not a huge figure. Clicking the blue "Bet Max" button at the bottom takes you right to the maximum allowable bet. Make sure you have enough bankroll to make it.

Jackpots (8)

The biggest payout you can get during regular play in Franken Cash is 2500 coins, when five straight Franken Cash symbols appear in an enabled payline. The next highest ranking symbol is the "Franken Cash Celebrates" symbol, which is worth 1000 coins for five in an enabled payline. The Electrifying Bonus Game allows for up to 120 times you bet amount.

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8.43 / 10
Software 9
Easy to Understand 9
Graphics & Sounds 8
Theme and Concept 9
Game Features 8
Betting Options 8
Jackpots 8

Franken Cash Highlights
  • Well-defined theme
  • AutoPlay and Expert Mode available
  • Two different bonus games

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