Fortune Finder Details Page

    Fortune Finder Details Page

Software (10)

Microgaming has always been a world leader in casino gaming software, and they have maintained this position in this game as well. This game is very adaptable, and the player can control the sounds, speeds and animations. The game also has an auto-play feature which is fairly advanced, and allows the player to program the number of spins, coin denomination and the speed.

Easy to Understand (10)

Fortune Finders is very easy to understand with help and instructions provided at every step of the way if needed.

Graphics & Sounds (10)

Fortune Finder features some crisp and clean graphics that are ably supported by the animation and sounds. This adds a lot of depth to the game, making it even more enjoyable.

Theme and Concept (9)

The theme of Fortune Finders is a simple theme that is similar to the popular “Where’s the Gold” slot game from Aristocrat. Despite this being a popular theme, Microgaming has taken a lot of care to craft this game in a unique way. The sounds and the graphics are realistic, but there could have been a little more offered to the players in terms of animation. There are some points in the game where the sounds can be a bit overwhelming. The overall effect however, is quite good.

Game Features (9)

Microgaming has gone the extra mile to ensure that Fortune Finder does not look like a copy of any other game, and it has many features that are unique to this slot game. The best feature of the game is the option of choosing the wild symbol to suit the game play. This unique feature is accompanied by a scatter symbol and a free spin bonus. It might have been nice to have a second-screen bonus round, but otherwise this game has some of the best game features around

Betting Options (9)

With coin denominations that are limited to 0.01 and 0.25, the betting options in this game can appear a little restricting at first sight, however this is more than made up for by the fact that it is a multi-coin game. For each pay-line, it is possible to wager up to 20 coins, which gives a player quite a wide range of betting options.

Jackpots (9)

Some people think that the fact that this game has fixed jackpots is a disadvantage, but on the whole, a highest jackpot of 6000 coins makes up for this fact. The other fixed jackpots are also fairly generous.

Casinos offering this game

9.43 / 10
Software 10
Easy to Understand 10
Graphics & Sounds 10
Theme and Concept 9
Game Features 9
Betting Options 9
Jackpots 9

Fortune Finder Highlights
  • Good Free spin Bonus
  • Great theme and animation
  • Choice of Wild Symbol

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