Double Bonus Poker Details Page

    Double Bonus Poker Details Page

Software (9)

One of the major concerns for the people at Microgaming is that their software offers the highest level of safety and security for customers. Mission accomplished. The graphics aren't so elaborate, but they are straight-forward and are very easy to see. As for the interface, which is also part of the software, you've got all the game controls laid out in a very orderly fashion. You can see the game commands easily, and that include changing in and out of Expert Mode.

Easy to Understand (10)

If you are familiar at all with video poker, you should have no problem whatsoever understanding the game of Double Bonus Poker. It is a standard deck, with regular rules of play. The different levels of Four of a Kind payouts shouldn't be very much of problem, and if you have questions about anything, you can consult with the help files, which are indeed extremely helpful.

Graphics & Sounds (9)

The graphics are not necessarily flashy or spectacular. But they are very efficient. And don't leave you straining your eyes, as they do in some games. The sounds of the action are very solid, and they are classified into three categories - game sounds, win sounds and background sounds. What you can do is utilize any one or any combination of these sounds in creating the ambiance for your own game. or you could eliminate them altogether.

Game Speed (9)

There are players who want to slow things down and take it easy, and others who want to get more money into action in less time. For all players, Microgaming's Double Bonus Poker offers the opportunity to dictate the speed of the game. There are four different levels of speed control - Slow, Medium, Fast and Fastest. It's all up to the player's discretion.

Game Features (10)

On of the strongest things about this game is the opportunity to "Double" after every winning hand, so that you have a chance to double your win, over and over again. That's a great feature. And on the way to all that, the game allows for automatic play through the AutoPlay option, an "Optimal Play Hints" option, which informs you every time your decision varies from the mathematically strongest play for each situation. You can also take advantage of a Game Analyzer that shows your chances of a winning hand based on the cards you wish to hold.

Fun Factor (9)

Of course when you have a game of video poker with all of these options in front of you, you're going to have some fun. When you can sit back and play with a minimum of interactivity with the casino software (AutoPlay), can check to see how you're doing (Play Hints), can research all the probabilities (Game Analyzer), can control all the speed and sounds, and on top of all that, can double your total after each winning combination, you've got about as big a "fun factor" as possible.

Casinos offering this game

9.34 / 10
Software 9
Easy to Understand 10
Graphics & Sounds 9
Game Speed 9
Game Features 10
Fun Factor 9

Double Bonus Poker Highlights
  • AutoPlay & Expert Mode
  • The doubling option
  • Fresh, crisp graphics
  • Three levels of Four of a Kind payouts

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