Break Da Bank Again Details Page

    Break Da Bank Again Details Page

Software (9)

Break Da Bank Again is a Microgaming offering, which means that you are going to have a robust piece of software that functions at its optimum level. Microgaming is also known to have some of the most secure product available for the online gambling market. From the functionality standpoint, the software works just as intended, and provides the player with an interface that is very clear, with bold, vivid graphics.

Easy to Understand (8)

Slots are generally not games that are that difficult to understand. However, one should read the rules and the layout of Break Da Bank Again in order to become familiar with the value of the wild and scatter symbols, how they trigger the games, and to what degree, because that is something not readily available on the basic game interface. You can also check with the "View Pays" icon to find out which symbols that do not correspond with card ranks are worth the most. And remember, Microgaming probably maintains the most extensive and explanatory help files of any company that manufactures gaming software.

Graphics & Sounds (9)

The graphics are nice because it is not all difficult to figure out what everything is. More importantly, they can be seen pretty easily, and there is indeed a crispness there that is, not coincidentally, consistent to the game offerings put forth by Microgaming.

Theme and Concept (8)

I suppose this is a comparative rank. While the theme seems consistent, with the gold bullion, vault, check symbols, cash, etc., it's not necessarily a theme that knocks you off your seat. But the overall concept, which involves the possibilities of "breaking the bank" through achievement in the bonus games, really makes this product an overall winner.

Game Features (9)

The "Gamble Bonus Game" is a big winner, because it gives the player an option as to how to compete for the bonus. So you can go with a bonus round where you have to select the right color suit of a card that is about to come up. Also, bringing the player into a Gamble Bonus after any win is strong. Along with Autoplay, which can be set to a desirable number of spins, and a decent stats function, there is plenty of flexibility here for the player.

Betting Options (7)

It's tough to make a huge case for the bet range or the number of coins that can be played. However, if you're talking about actual betting options, the existence of the Gamble Bonus Game makes up for that, because it offers a chance to play for higher stakes or collect.

Jackpots (8)

The high jackpot of $1500 that is brought about by the Tanzanite symbol is not breathtaking, although the next step down - the gold bullion combo, at $1000, is respectable. And if you can top out at a 375,000-coin payoff, that's higher than many.

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8.29 / 10
Software 9
Easy to Understand 8
Graphics & Sounds 9
Theme and Concept 8
Game Features 9
Betting Options 7
Jackpots 8

Break Da Bank Again Highlights
  • Autoplay available
  • Strong wild multiplier
  • Sharp graphics make for a colorful game
  • Win up to 375,000 coins

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