Bonus Deuces Wild Details Page

    Bonus Deuces Wild Details Page

Software (10)

The software works beautifully, and that is important, especially when you consider that there are wild cards, and the software is automatically placing your wild cards in a position where they can help you the most. There are no decisions to make along those lines, unless you decide to discard one of them. There are no controls that are out of reach. Payout tables are in plain view at all times. And there is so much assistance for the player - including statistical tables, strategy charts, playing hints, etc. - that you'll wonder if you have to expend any effort at all. Actually, if you choose "AutoPlay," another feature in this Microgaming-designed offering, you won't have to.

Easy to Understand (10)

Well, this is not as simple as a very basic, straight-forward version of video poker such as "All-American Poker," but at the same time, there are no riddles here. Deuces are wild, and they help any potential winning combination to the maximum amount possible. There is a doubling option that is very easy to understand. If anything is in doubt, just look at the "Help" files, which are comprehensive.

Graphics & Sounds (9)

This game features nice, sharp graphics. But then again, so does just about everything designed by Microgaming, the world leader in online gaming software development.The cards are big and not a strain on the eyes, and the payout table is right in front of you, so there is no mystery as to what your winning combination is going to pay. All the game controls are neatly arranged at the bottom of the interface. As far as the sounds are concerned, we wouldn't call it anything earth-shattering, but you can turn on or turn off all game sounds, win sounds, or background sounds. It's your choice.

Game Speed (9)

What makes this ideal is that you can program whatever speed you want. You may be something of a novice and want things to progress a little slower, in which case you can put the speed control on "Slow," or you may be drinking Red Bull and want to get that money into the "machine" as quickly and as often as possible, in which case you may elect to go "Fastest." Or anything in between. It's completely up to you.

Game Features (10)

What's nice is that you have the stats analyzer, which keeps track of your hands played, percentage of wins, etc. You can also get game tips that will inform you, if you are playing your own hands out, how much your decisions vary from the optimal mathematical strategy that is built into the software. There is a statistical table which will give you the odds of achieving various winning hands with what you are dealt, which may guide you in making playing decisions. Of course,m you may be too "lazy" for that. When you switch into "Expert Mode," you can utilize AutoPlay, which essentially cuts down your interaction with the software. That includes the software making playing decisions for you, for as long as you want (you can pre-program it for its duration as well). Then of course, there is the "Double" option, which will give you the chance of doubling your wins after winning hands.

Fun Factor (10)

There is a very high "fun factor" with this game, because of the abundance of wild cards that are available. And even though the payouts on the conventional hands (straight, flush, Three of a Kind) are not big, there is an awful lot of excitement when hitting Five of a Kind.

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9.67 / 10
Software 10
Easy to Understand 10
Graphics & Sounds 9
Game Speed 9
Game Features 10
Fun Factor 10

Bonus Deuces Wild Highlights
  • Wild cards
  • The doubling option
  • The availability of Autoplay
  • Game stats and analytical tools available

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