Microgaming Baccarat Details Page

    Microgaming Baccarat Details Page

Software (9)

This software is absolutely first-rate. In a way, Microgaming's reputation precedes it in this regard, as we know that they have built in the highest standards of safety and security. There are options available to the player, but they are limited to adjusting the sound, which can be enabled or disabled at your convenience.

Easy to Understand (8)

Is it easy to understand? Well, yes and no. The principles behind the decisions whether to hit either the Player or Banker hand with a third card can be very complicated, and it can be a pain in the neck to memorize the chart that comes along with the help files. The good news there is that the player doesn't even have to worry about it if he or she doesn't want to, because those decisions are not his to make. They are built in to the software, and automatically executed. You know within seconds whether you are a winner.

Graphics & Sounds (8)

The sounds are solid, and pretty much what you get from the other Microgaming-designed games. You can turn the "sounds" or "background sounds" on or off whenever you want. The graphics are very good, and very clear. There is no doubt about where to place bets; the table layout is simple and crisp, and reading the cards is not a strain on the eyes.

Game Speed (7)

The game speed may best be described as "medium." The cards are dealt out slowly, and then immediately the software determines whether a third card is added to either hand. That decision, and the result, comes very quickly. When you click "Player," "Banker" or "Tie," the hand starts right away. You may be playing this and want to put more money across the table much quicker, but that possibility is limited.

Game Features (5)

Not a lot,. aside from the ability to adjust sounds. There is no Autoplay, no Expert Mode, no way of keeping statistics (which many people who play baccarat in a physical casino like to do), and no speed adjustment.

Fun Factor (8)

Well, it's a lot of fun, conditionally speaking, You're going to have to want to learn to play baccarat, or be a fan of it already. What's fun about it is that it can make the game more accessible for the average player, or (using the bet spread of 10-500) at least more accessible than it is in a brick and mortar casino where you may feel like you have to wear a tuxedo.

Casinos offering this game

7.50 / 10
Software 9
Easy to Understand 8
Graphics & Sounds 8
Game Speed 7
Game Features 5
Fun Factor 8

Microgaming Baccarat Highlights
  • Good introduction for beginners
  • Not a bad percentage game
  • Nice, clear graphics

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