Mensa Guide to Casino Gambling: Winning Ways

Title: Mensa Guide to Casino Gambling: Winning Ways

Review Author: Rick Balding
Added: Friday January 22nd 2010

Although it's taken us a while to get around to writing a review on this book here at Casino Advisor this for me personally was one of the first books that I ever purchased related to casino gambling. I purchased the book several years ago prior to taking my first trip to Vegas as I needed something to read on the plane ride over. Being that I'm from NYC it's not the longest flight in the world but I had enough time to read the book. There's lot's of valuable information in this book so much so that I even consult the book from time to time when I have questions related to gambling.

This book starts out with a few chapters that are more or less introductory type chapters which are then followed by I believe 12 chapters that are committed to discussing and evaluating common casino games. The book is real in the sense that it's not stuffed with a load of crap. It really takes a solid approach to teaching about various casino games which is backed by statistics and probabilities to back up the authors views and opinions on the various casino games that are discussed. Although the writings in this book are geared solely towards those of you out there looking to play in land casinos the application of the rules and what you learn in this book parallel playing the same games at online casinos. Each of the games described in the book also provides you play by play type instructions that tells you what the odds would be if you were to follow the book and apply the strategies taught in the book. I really feel as though this book is an absolute must for any gambler that's new but additionally I think that an intermediate player can also benefit from what can be learned by reading this book. The book is very easily read and understood but it's not written in so much lamen terms that you'll get board quickly.

My main reason personally for purchasing this book was to learn how to go about playing blackjack. I really wanted to learn basic blackjack strategy and other elements to the game which I found were in fact well presented and portrayed in this book. The chapter on blackjack is well laid out and should be easy for any beginner to learn basic blackjack strategy in a relatively short period of time. If you want to play blackjack and are looking to build a solid foundation for the rules of the game and basic blackjack then I would say that this book is an absolute must for you!

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