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Limited Auto Play in Keno at Online Casinos

By: Adam Richards, Tuesday March 2nd 2010
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There are two types of online keno players. The first type is the players who like to change the marked pattern on the keno ticket after every game, particularly if they have not been lucky. They like to try out different patterns, whether letters or numbers or shapes, in the hope of striking one that gives them good results. Players of the second type are mathematically minded and realize that the probability of winning is independent of the marked pattern. What ever pattern the player may mark the probability of scoring a number of hits remains unchanged. Such players usually do not like to get involved in the hassle of changing the pattern after each game. On the other hand they think that this exercise is a waste of time and would like to get in as many games as they can. Therefore wagering again and again with the same pattern is ideal for these players.

The second type of online keno player described above would love to have an auto play feature in the keno game. Unfortunately online keno games do not provide an auto play feature of the type that is available in online slots. In online slot games players can activate the auto play feature and play 100, 500 or even more games without any manual involvement. The maximum number of auto play games in online slots is different for different software providers. Therefore the absence of such a feature comes as a disappointment to many online keno players.

However some online gaming software providers have a limited auto play feature in the keno games. They allow players to play once, five times or ten times with the same ticket. Players first mark out the desired pattern on the ticket and set the appropriate bet amount. They then select the appropriate button from Play 1, Play 5 or Play 10. Finally they click the Play button and the software plays out the desired number of games with the same ticket.

The total amount for the selected number of games is not immediately debited to the player’s account. Only the amount for the first game is deducted from the player’s balance. Then the numbers are drawn and hits mark on the ticket. At the end of the game if the player has won any amount the same is added to his balance. The hit marks are cleared on the ticket but not the original marks. The amount for the second game is deducted from the players balance and the game proceeds as before. This procedure is repeated till the desired number of games has been played. Players who want to play more games continuously will have to select Play 10 and follow the above procedure. When10 games have been played the player the player simply has to click the Play button again and 10 more games will be played continuously. This procedure can be repeated indefinitely. It is not as good as the online slot game auto play because the player can not leave the computer unattended but has to keep clicking the Play button as required.

Rival Gaming and Vegas Technology are two online gaming software providers that have incorporated this limited auto play in their keno games.

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Comment by: Karl Benton On: March 09, 2010
Keno is actually a game that should have auto play I think as it's a game that's like bingo that makes it very much easy to develop an auto-play feature for in general. I think that it's rather good to have auto play in there actually for Keno.
Comment by: burtman On: March 05, 2010
Agreed keno is not my first game of choice. As a side game though as you find in land based casino where they have either a keno game or bingo game running off your loyalty rewards points it's not actually all that bad to be honest!
Comment by: luciaworld On: March 03, 2010
Keno without auto play to me would just seem like a boring game in general as keno is definitely not a game IMHO that really get's me going. I don't know if many people out there even really bother playing keno unless it's tied into a side game or something.

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