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By: Joan Peppin, Thursday April 15th 2010
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Though quite a few variants of video poker are available at online casinos, the number of variants offered at land casinos is far greater. Some of these games are quite interesting and have twists that are not seen in the common online video poker variants. This article discusses some of the more interesting of the land casino based video poke games.

Ace on the Deal is one such land casino based video poker game. When players wager on this game with up to five coins it is no different from the normal video poker games. However players have the option to wager a sixth coin as well. This changes the complexion of the game by offering the player certain benefits. The most important benefit is that the first card dealt to the player is guaranteed to be an ace. Therefore this variant of video poker is called Ace on the Deal. This increases the chances of drawing a winning combination. The payout table is also altered a bit. For some winning combinations the payout per coin wagered increases substantially when six coins are wagered. However, to compensate for the benefits the payout per coin wagered decreases for some combinations. Overall the return to the player is 98%.

Another land casino based video poker game is Deuce on the Deal. This is the usual Deuces Wild variant, but with a twist. Players can pay an additional fee of five coins in order to be assured that at least one of their cards originally dealt will be a deuce, hence the name Deuce on the Deal. The payout table pays for only up to five coins. Because the deuce is a wild card this increases the chances of ending up with a higher ranked winning combination. The payout ratios for a natural royal flush and four deuces are increased significantly. The payout ratios for five of a kind, straight flush and four of a kind are decreased marginally. But since the latter combinations occur much more frequently the average return to the player falls to 96%. Therefore Deuce on the Deal is not a very attractive video poker variant.

Big Split Poker is a land casino based video poker variant that is somewhat like Pai Gow Poker played against payout tables instead of dealer’s hands. The player is dealt eight cards and has to arrange them into five card hand and a three card hand. But before that he has to place his wager. He can bet on either the five card payout table only or on both the five card and three card payout tables. The usual one to five coins per payout table can be wagered. After the player splits his eight cards into the two hands he presses the Submit button. If the player had bet on the five card payout table only, then he is paid based on that payout table alone. If the player had bet on both payout tables then he is paid based on product of the five card and three card payout tables. The average return for betting on the five card payout table only is about 97%, whereas the average return for betting on both payout tables is 99.95%

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Comment by: billrise On: April 23, 2010
I too agree with you guys. Video poker games are pretty generic between land based casinos and online casinos and online casino to online casino as well for those casinos that are powered by different software providers there's really not much of a difference.
Comment by: Betty Benneton On: April 17, 2010
Agreed there isn't too much difference and I beleive that you're right also about the fact that there is definitely more more variety when you play video poker at internet casino sites vs. land based casino sites.
Comment by: Oren Izer On: April 16, 2010
I don't really have a preference in where I play video poker whether it being online or at land casinos however I have found that online casinos will generally offer a better selection of video poker game variation types for me to play on.

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