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Land Based Slots Versus Online Slots

By: Adam Baker , Thursday April 23rd 2009
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Video slots are slot games in which the spinning reels are simulated using a random number generator based computer program. Both land casinos and online casinos offer video slots. Land based video slots started with an advantage. Each slot machine has a dedicated game. The entire computer system is devoted only to that one game, which means that the game files can be immense and build in more graphics, more sound, more animations and more features. Land based video slots do not need any Internet connection. A slow Internet connection can jeopardize the playing experience in online video slots.

Two of the most popular land based slot machine developers are WMS Gaming (WMS) and International Game Technology (IGT). Both have their own popular brands. One of the most widely played land based video slots is Super Jackpot Party from WMS.

Super Jackpot Party Game Screenshot

The Super Jackpot Party is the culmination of several earlier versions of Jackpot Party. It offers all the excitement of the earlier versions along with new features, especially in the popular Jackpot Party bonus round.

Super Jackpot Party Bonus Game Screenshot

In the Jackpot Party bonus round the presents do not simply award bonus credits, but also activate mini-bonus rounds. Examples of these mini-bonus rounds include the Dance bonus, the Multiplier bonus and the Whack-a-Pooper bonus. The character, the Party Animal, appears in each of these rounds and enables players to total up bonus credits.

In contrast the earliest online slots were very simple. There was little innovative use of sound and graphics, no animation and the bonus rounds were usually of the 'pick X from Y objects' type in which the selected objects revealed the credits. In the last few years this has changed considerably and online video slots have become a lot more sophisticated. Innovative online gaming software developers like Wizard Gaming and Microgaming have pushed the boundaries of online casino gaming technology and are closing the gap between traditional land based video slots and online video slots. These games have bonus features, animation and sound that are almost comparable to land based games.

Two online video slot games released earlier this exemplify this trend. One is Main Course released by Wizard Gaming.

Wizard Gaming Main Course Video Slot

Main Course is set in a Parisian restaurant with appropriate music. The restaurant has four chefs - Chef Pierre, Chef Gordon, Asian Legend and Chef Mario who lead to different types of payouts. For example Chef Mario triggers a bonus round in which players prepare their own meal. They choose from vegetables, meats and other ingredients to reveal the different parameters for free spins. The slot game has vibrant visuals, energetic animations and sumptuous sounds.

Microgaming's The Great Galaxy Grab comes even closer to the land based slots like Super Jackpot Party.

The Great Galaxy Grab has a bonus round very similar to Super Jackpot Party. The main characters, Captain Bronzebeard and his crew, travel from location to location in search of his wife. The locations like the bank and shopping mall and casino are fascinating. Each location has a different mini-bonus round. The graphics, sound and animations create an authentic environment of outer space.

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Comment by: Marie Olson On: December 10, 2009
I really love super jackpot party and the WMS slots games that are produced especially their newer games which I find to be rather impressive and fun to play more so then games that are developed by other land based gaming developers.
Comment by: Dilbert Jones On: November 20, 2009
The online slots games that are out there available for play have come quite a long way and that's especially the case with certain software providers. Take Playtech as a prime example their older slot games were very boring and lacking on the engineering side so much so that I would have to say that that they looked very amateurish. Now if you look at some of their newer games such as Ironman, The Incredible Hulk, Rome & Glory, etc... you'll find that these games are really quite interesting and entertaining to play.
Comment by: Hurley Jeminach On: October 12, 2009
Both land based casinos and online casinos have their own positive attributes when it comes to not only slots games but all types of games that you'd typically play online and offline. I really enjoy playing table games far more in land based casinos although I still play online and find them fun. I also enjoy slots both online and offline but I've grown quite fond of certain games both online and offline that I can only either find at online casinos or at land based casinos.
Comment by: Rubin On: September 30, 2009
I'm a big fan of both land based casino slots and online slots. I find that the casino slots games that you'll find in land based casinos though are still far more superior in gaming experience in that they're definitely still more elaborate then that of what you'd find in online casinos. It will likely still take some time before they reach a point where the online casino slots will be more like the WMS games but I'm sure that in due time this will happen.
Comment by: Perl N. On: July 12, 2009
Super Jackpot Party is an awesome game. The feature in this game that offers a "Surprise Party" which is a bonus round that hits unexpectedly during the game is quite unique and interesting and something I have yet to see in an online casino game. I really love this WMS game and most other WMS video slots games as I find them to be some of the most dynamic and engaging slots games out there. Wizard Gaming is definitely coming close to developing games that are near to the interaction level of the WMS slots out there. Although I still thing they have a ways to go I think they're doing a great job as a new software provider.
Comment by: James Ballthasar On: May 02, 2009
I haven't checked out either of these online casino games but I have played the WMS slot mentioned here. I like the looks of the Main Course game that Wizard Gaming offers... I think I'm going to go give that a shot...
Comment by: sadie777 On: May 01, 2009
Couldn't agree more that Super Jackpot party is a great game that anyone who hasn't played in a land based casino should definitely check out. There's a ton of WMS games that completely kick butt and are very much worth checking out and playing. I personally love the Atronic games which I beleive to have far more vibrant colors on the monitors they use then WMS but still both are amazing producers of physical slot machines. When it comes to online casinos and slots I think that Microgaming comes in first but only because their library of games is so vast and that they've been producing casino games for so long and I would have to say that Wizard Gaming comes in at a close second even though they're library of games is scarce right now as they're among the newer of the casino software providers.
Comment by: Sil Mondo On: April 24, 2009
Super Jackpot Party is definitely one of my favorite casino games when I visit land based casinos it's a very impressive WMS slot game and very fun to play. If you ever happen to be in a land based casino and you enjoy playing slots this is a game you're going to want to play. Also I suggest that you check out another WMS slot game called Free Spins Frenzy which is another great game that you should definitely check out.

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