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Land Based Keno and Online Casino Keno

By: Shirley Spicer, Wednesday January 13th 2010
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The basic rules of land based keno and online casino keno are identical. Players mark up to 15 numbers on a keno ticket. Thereafter 20 numbers are drawn at random and players are paid out depending on how many of their selected numbers have been drawn. However the mechanics of land based keno and online keno are completely different.

Land based keno is essentially a community game. It is usually played in keno lounges where socializing is as important as wagering. Players mark their tickets and submit it along with their wagers at the window. While this process is going on the players interact with friends and relatives as in any social occasion. When all the tickets have been purchased the numbers are drawn and announced. Then the players again come to the window to collect their winnings or to purchase tickets for the next round and in the keno lounge the socializing continues. On the other hand online keno is an individual game played alone. There is no interaction with other players. The numbers are drawn not for the community at large but for the individual player. This makes the environment completely different.

Land based keno is a leisurely paced game. In the first instance it is meant to be so. And players purchasing tickets one at a time from the window and similarly collecting the payouts means that there is a considerable time gap between each draw. On the other hand online keno operates at a furious pace. Only one ticket needs to be purchased. Once the player marks his numbers and activates the game, it takes less than a minute to complete all formalities. The software matches the numbers selected and the numbers drawn and makes payouts automatically. Players can repeat the same ticket a number of times on auto play and this makes the game even faster.

Online keno has a major advantage. In land based keno games the player has to check whether he is due for a payout and then collect his winnings within a stipulated time, which is generally limited to before the next round displayed. If amidst the socializing the player fails to realize that he has won then his winnings lapse. There is no such problem in online keno. The software automatically credits the players account as soon as the game is over and a payout is due. The player has to do nothing to claim his winnings.

Land based keno offers certain variations that are not available in online keno. These variations make the game more interesting by removing some of the monotony. A player can purchase any number of tickets for a single draw in land based keno. In online keno he can play with only one ticket for one draw. There are variations in the types of tickets that players can purchase in land based keno. The straight ticket is the one described earlier, which is common to both land based keno and online keno. In land based keno there is a split ticket in which players mark two different sets of numbers on the same ticket by paying double the price. The advantage is that the player does not have to carry two separate tickets. The disadvantage is that there can be no common number in the two different sets marked. Other ticket formats in land based keno allow players to have common numbers in different sets mark on the same ticket. These formats are combination tickets, way tickets and king tickets.

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Comment by: Sil Mondo On: January 27, 2010
Keno is boring regardless of how you look at it. That and scratch card games are a waste of time if you ask me as there's a ton of other online casino games which you can choose from and play that are far more rewarding and entertaining to play if you ask me!
Comment by: liakenzo On: January 24, 2010
Keno is a pretty lame and boring game when you think about it. In land based casinos it's usually tucked away somewhere far away from where most of the actual action takes place as the casinos don't really make too much money from the game. Likewise online they usually have several variations of other game types by only one keno and sometimes online casinos don't even offer keno as a game type within their software.

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