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Keeping Track of Time at Online Casinos

By: Ryan Alders, Monday March 9th 2009
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It is essential that online players keep track of the time while they are playing at online casinos. Wagering at online casinos can get so engrossing that players are likely to forget when they are due for other activities that may include leaving for work or picking up the children from school. There is another more important reason for keeping track of the time. Online gambling needs to be practiced in a responsible manner. Players need to adhere to decided time limits. Exceeding these time limits is the first step towards falling in the quagmire of problem gambling. Therefore the player must always be aware of the time.

All computers display a built in clock. However in order to be able to see the clock the player has to play in the windowed mode. If the player plays in the full screen mode then the Windows task bar that contains the computer clock is no longer visible. Most players like to play in the full screen mode because the resolution is sharper and the graphics are bigger. Therefore every time the player wants to see the clock he has to minimize the casino software, see the time and then maximize the display again. This is very inconvenient and eventually players tend to neglect keeping track of time.

The top tier gaming jurisdictions have realized that this is a problem. Since they issue licenses to operators permitting them to carry out gambling operations they see it as their responsibility to ensure that all possible steps are taken to prevent problem gambling. Therefore one of the conditions imposed in the licenses is that the online gaming software provider will incorporate a clock in the casino software. In this way the players will always be able to see the clock and can easily keep track of the time they are spending at the online casino.

Microgaming is one of the online software providers that have incorporated a clock in the casino software. As soon as the player enters the online casino lobby he can see the clock in the top bar in the right hand corner. A screenshot of the casino lobby showing the clock is displayed below.

Time Display in Online Casinos

Even when the player is playing any of the games the position of the clock remains the same, which is the top right hand corner. No matter where the player navigates through the casino, whether it is the banking section or help section or promotions section, the position of the clock will remain unchanged. One important feature of the clock in Microgaming casinos is that the time is taken from the computer clock. Therefore the player follows the same time that he has set on his computer clock.

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Comment by: Thorton On: December 14, 2009
Having these sort of features or I think that having something integrated where you set a timer that locks you out of the casino software after "x" amount of time playing would be a great feature and make for an easy way to deal with people that are problem gamblers.
Comment by: Sil Mondo On: November 05, 2009
It's most applicable when playing in full screen mode for me but I do think that you guys are all right in that it's an important feature to have in online casino software just to keep track of things. I think it would be cool if online casinos would also allow you to set an alarm that's on a timer to let you know after "x amount of time has elapsed" in the online casino while you're playing.
Comment by: Sharon Wallace On: October 04, 2009
Yeah agreed Vegas Technology and RTG software doesn't show time within the casino software but Rival gaming does and they're a US facing online casino software provider. I guess that most of them don't want to cause they really don't want you to know how long you've been playing for.
Comment by: Rubin On: July 31, 2009
Something that I've noticed is that most of the US facing online casinos (or software providers that provide software for those casinos) don't actually offer any sort of means of monitoring how long you've been playing for. I don't imagine it would be too difficult for them to implement such a feature I guess it's because they don't want you to know how long you've been playing as the longer you play the more you loose in the long run.
Comment by: Perl N. On: July 26, 2009
When playing in full screen mode I too like to know what time it is. Sometimes I'm not playing on my primary computer which is in a room where I have a big wall clock mounted on my wall. I find that if I don't have a clock in the casino software I'm playing that I can get lost in the gaming experience and end up spending way too much time playing at an online casino.
Comment by: Angie Kent On: March 16, 2009
Definitely a key feature in ensuring that you don't get caught up in the whole expereince. Like both of you I too find that I get lost in the gaming expereince when playing at Microgaming casinos and really like knowing that I can glance up in the top right hand corner of the screen and catch the time.
Comment by: charlie62 On: March 09, 2009
I know that when I play in full screen mode and because I don't have a clock kicking around where by computer is that this "Clock" feature found in Microgaming powered online casinos definitely helps me keep track of time when I'm playing at the casino. I also think that from a problem gambling standpoint it makes sense to show players how long they've been playing in the casino so they can prevent themselves from overplaying and sinking too deep.

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