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InterCasino Tips On Responsible Gaming

By: Joe Valentino, Sunday January 20th 2013
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Responsible gaming is an issue that cannot be overstated. Today all reputed online casinos practice and advocate responsible gaming by providing relevant information at their web sites. It is possible that many players do not check out the information on responsible gaming. Therefore InterCasino has thought it fit to provide some tips on the subject through a newsletter, which has greater readership. This article elucidates on those tips and is a must read for newbie players. Even regular players will stand to gain by the revisiting the information on responsible gaming.

Tip #1: Relying on gambling to earn income is a grievous mistake. All online casino games have a house edge that makes it impossible to continuously earn money in the long run. Gambling should be viewed as a source of entertainment, much like going to a movie or a sports event or a dinner out.

Tip #2: Sometimes after players lose money they feel that they have made mistakes and can do better the next time. Some players get their egos hurt when they lose. Yet others desperately need the money that they have lost in gambling. All these provide an excuse to chase losses in the hope of making a recovery. The fact is that chasing losses is one of the most dangerous practices and leads to throwing good money after bad.

Tips #3& 5: One of the easiest ways to avoid chasing losses is to gamble with only what one can afford to. Hence the money lost does not hurt. InterCasino recommends setting weekly or monthly budgets and then adhering to them. Players should tracks the money spent to ensure that they do not go over budget.

Tip #4: Money is not the only resource that players invest in online gambling. Time is an equally valuable resource. Players should also keep track of time spent on gambling and should start cutting down as soon as the sessions get more frequent or longer.

Tip #6: All of reputed online casinos provide a facility through which players can set a limit to the amount they deposit. The limit could be daily, weekly or monthly. Players should avail of this facility and set the limit equal to their budget so that they do not exceed it.

Tip #7: In the frenzy of gambling often players do not make the correct decisions. Therefore it is essential that they take frequent breaks to assess the situation and decide with a cooler frame of mind whether they should continue wagering or not.

Tip #8: Wagering should never be done on borrowed money. If the borrowed money is lost the player would be under pressure to continue gambling in order to recover the loss. A way out of for players who are strapped for cash is to play casino games with play money provided by online casinos. This way, players get some of the thrill of gambling without any attendant risks.

Tip #9: Personal life with family and friends and work should always take precedence over online gambling. If players find that they are gambling when they should be with the family or at work it means that gambling is no longer a form of entertainment but is becoming an obsession.

Tip #10: Players should recognize and pay heed to early signs of problem gambling. InterCasino specifies some of these warnings, which are depression when not gambling, a loss of efficiency at work, lack of sleep and not enjoy in time with the family. Players who recognize any of these symptoms should close their online casino accounts and seek professional help.

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