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How to Play Three Card Poker to Win Online

By: Fabian Rictor, Wednesday February 5th 2014
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There are a lot of casino poker games out there with different rules and different strategies. If you're looking for a game that will allow you to start to get a feel for table poker without having to learn extremely complex strategies, then you should look into Three Card Poker. Also known as Tri-Card Poker as some sites, this is a simple game that's based on trying to beat the dealer with three-card poker hands. The hands in Three Card Poker are a litlte different, so you'll need to learn those first.

The strongest hand that you can have is a royal flush, and in Three Card Poker that's a AKQ combination in the same suit. Next is a straight flush. The next strongest hand is three of a kind, and that's going to seem atypical to people who are familiar with traditional poker hands. Next comes a straight, and after that is a flush. You'll notice that a straight is stronger than a flush in this game, and that's also different than standard poker. Next up is a pair, and after that are the high card hands. The dealer actually has to qualify with at least queen high for your raise bet to come into play in this game.

The way the game is played is that you and the dealer are both dealt three cards after you place an ante bet. You have the option to fold your hand or raise, and raising involves putting in an additional bet that's the size of the ante bet. You will win payouts on your ante bet and the raise based on whether you win or lose and what your final hand is in this game as long as the dealer qualifies. If the dealer doesn't qualify, then you'll simply win 1:1 on your ante, and you'll be given back your raise bet as a push.

We mentioned above that strategy for this game is fairly easy. As long as you have Q64-high, you should raise. If you don't have a hand that's that good, then you should fold. That's really all there is to it. Most of this game revolves around needing to learn the three-card hands so that you can make educated decisions about when to fold and when to raise, though you'll always be raising with a pair or better.

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