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High Roller Online Casino Player Benefits

By: R. Kingsley, Wednesday November 5th 2008
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Online casinos earn profits through the house edge and therefore their profits are in proportion to the wagering at the casino. And what could be better for the online casino than a few high roller clients doing most of the wagering. Therefore it does not come as a surprise that many online casinos target high roller clients.

Online casinos do not usually designate themselves as high roller casinos. But to discerning players there are tell tale signs. High roller players are knowledgeable about the games and the software and do not need information on these topics. Hence high roller casinos usually dispense with this information. A better indicator is the match bonus for new players. High roller casinos have a high upper limit for this bonus so that players who deposit large amounts get the benefits. However the real benefits to high rollers lie in the online casinos' loyalty rewards programs.

For the loyalty rewards program the players are allocated to different tiers of a VIP Club. The players in the upper tiers are given greater benefits than those in the lower tiers. High rollers are obviously placed in the highest tier, where they enjoy a large number of benefits. The biggest benefit is related to comp points. Online casinos reward regular players through comp points, which are given in proportion to the wagering done. These comp points can be redeemed for cash. High rollers can accumulate comp points at a faster rate and also redeem them at a faster rate. Benefits are also provided in the banking section of online casinos. Deposits and payments are processes faster for high rollers. Many online casinos waive the deposit and withdrawal limits applicable to normal players in the case of high rollers. Also there are special limits for maximum wagers for high roller customers. A special way of attracting high rollers is through writing off a part of the gambling losses incurred by the high rollers. Different online casinos have different schemes in this regard but it is not uncommon for 5% of gambling losses being reimbursed to high rollers.

The ego of high roller players is also taken care of by the online casinos. They are greeted as soon as they log on and many online casinos designate a staff member to be in continuous contact with the high roller, thus replicating the service offered to high rollers in brick and mortar casinos. High rollers enjoy other privileges not accorded to other players. They are given free entries to high prize tournaments. The online casino remembers their birthday and gives them a special bonus on that day. Hence sitting at home high rollers at online casinos get most of the benefits given to their brick and mortar counter parts.

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Comment by: Dilbert Jones On: December 08, 2009
I find that most bonuses out there can be constituted as high roller bonuses or have a high roller component without the need to have a separate bonus altogether. I think it's better this way rather then online casinos having all these different bonuses.
Comment by: Jermain Cambell On: November 27, 2009
I find that more and more these days that online casinos aren't really offering a specific high roller bonus offering but rather that they have their bonus structures setup in such a way that they allow both newbie players to take advantage of bonus offerings on the first deposit but have the same offer and make it appealing to the high rollers out there.
Comment by: Judith L. On: September 19, 2009
There are definitely some benefits with bonuses out there that you'll find if you're keen on making bigger deposits at online casinos. Also if you make bigger deposits they may give you even further bonuses and rewards if you say for example wire in the funds to the casino as they like funds that come in though wire transfers.
Comment by: Andrew K. On: July 14, 2009
Some online casinos offer two distinct bonuses as well which makes for quite a bit of separation between what the normal player can get and what someone who deposits far more with their initial deposit at an online casino can get. For example Golden Casino offers new depositors a 100% match bonus up to $555 FREE with their first deposit at the casino. If however you're a high roller and would like to make a larger purchase and deposit at their casino you can do so as well. Their high roller bonus is a bit higher where if you deposit $1500 you'll get a $1000 bonus making for a $2,500 bankroll at the casino.

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