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Handling Online Casino Disputes

By: Rick Balding, Tuesday June 9th 2009
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When you are getting started at online gambling, the understanding of how to resolve disputes is probably the last thing on your mind. Even regular players often carry a "we'll cross that bridge when we come to it" kind of attitude as far as online casino disputes are concerned. But it helps to have basic ideas about how online casino disputes should be handled, so that if at all that occasion arises, you are able to think straight and act in your own best interest.

The first thing that you should do when you perceive that you have been wronged is to recheck the casino terms and conditions and ensure that you are not at fault. It can be very disconcerting to dispute an act of omission or commission of the online casino only to find out that you have not checked or understood the rules. Once you are sure that the casino is perpetuating a wrongdoing the first thing you must do is to make a detailed master note of the entire episode. This note must include details like times and dates, amounts, games involved, casino rules and any other detail that you feel may be relevant. It is important to create a master fact sheet so that if the dispute resolution goes to third parties you are certain that you will not provide inconsistent or incorrect information.

Most online casinos provide customer support through a live chat. Log in to the live chat and inform the casino staff member online that you wish to dispute an action of the casino. The detailed note should be communicated to the casino staff. If it is not possible to communicate this through the live chat mechanism it should be done by e-mail or fax. You can then again follow up on live chat to ascertain what view the online casino takes. Save a copy of all communication made through live chat. If the casino support and the casino management do not provide a satisfactory resolution you have to move to the next step.

This involves taking the dispute to the adjudicator if the online casino has appointed one. Usually the name of the adjudicator can be found in the terms and conditions. If the online casino carries the eCOGRA seal then eCOGRA acts as an adjudicator. Another possible adjudicator can be the authority of the gaming jurisdiction in which the casino has been licensed. It is essential to go to the adjudicator with complete information. Sketchy and inconsistent information is likely to put the adjudicator off and he may not take as much interest in the matter. You will have to give the adjudicator sometime to get the casino's version of the events and make a considered decision. In case there is no adjudicator available then you can take your dispute to a reputed watchdog portal like Casinomeister.

Some people advocate taking the dispute to public message boards. These are two edged swords and can work either way unless you are careful. There are plenty of online casino players who use public message boards to nurse grudges and you may be branded with them and loose your credibility with the online casino fraternity.

Whereas it is always good to know how to handle online casino disputes, it is even better to avoid disputes in the first place. Therefore no effort should be spared in selecting a reputed online casino. This will minimize the likelihood of a dispute taking place.

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Comment by: Hal Mason On: December 13, 2009
I find that if you don't rectify a pending issue right away at the casinos that you play at that you can run into issues. If you have a problem with a casino that you play at you should try to take care of it right away if possible.
Comment by: Smitty On: September 13, 2009
Being calm and patient is the key to resolving any issue like this just remember that when you're talking to the customer service agent :)
Comment by: bill_knight On: September 01, 2009
The best thing you can do is approach the situation with a level of tact. Make sure you let them know that you're not happy about the situation and that you're fully willing to take your business elsewhere. More often then not online casinos will be receptive to this... or so I've found at least.
Comment by: Richards On: July 18, 2009
I personally find that online casinos are generally receptive based on how knowledgeable you are. For example if you appear to be a novice to them they may treat you differently then if you appear to know what you're talking about. Also dropping the idea to them that should you not come to a resolve with them on a particular issue that you'll post details about your issue on some of the message boards usually makes them clear on the fact that you know what you're talking about and generally they'll be more receptive.
Comment by: Angie Kent On: July 09, 2009
Yeah maintaining your cool is the best option when dealing with customer support in any case. Sometimes you may need to be a bit more forceful or request to speak with a customer service representative but this can still be done in such a way that you don't come across as being rude or overly abrasive. I've always found that the diplomatic approach is the best one not to mention it also helps keep your blood pressure down!
Comment by: Kevin Jones On: June 28, 2009
Keeping your cool and being diplomatic about situations where you feel like an online casino has wronged you is the best approach. Screaming at people and yelling doesn't get you very far... Sometimes when speaking with a customer service rep you may want to up your ticket with them so that you can speak with someone who has more authority if they're unable to help you. For the most part they should be able to though. If you still can't get any resolve you can contact the software provider that the online casino is powered by, eCOGRA as mentioned in other comments here or post a message on Casino Meister or another message board!
Comment by: Kerry Bonnenstien On: June 23, 2009
The best advice on can give you in regards to handling disputes is to do so in such as way that you handle things diplomatically. Make sure not to: yell, scream, intimidate, or get yourself into a situation where you get angry. The best way to deal with these things is to be cool and calm and do address it in a way where you don't look like an add. Taking a diplomatic approach will get you further in resolving issues trust me!
Comment by: casinowizard On: June 17, 2009
My suggestion when it comes to issues with casinos is to be on top of them like flies on sh#* and don't let up. Be persistent and if you're not satisfied firstly mention that you'll make it very difficult for them including being vocal on the message boards but moreover that you'll contact CasinoMeister and other dispute resolution groups until your satisfied. Do all this of course if you have a legitimate beef with the casino that you can prove.
Comment by: Fred Lutton On: June 15, 2009
Although eCOGRA should be one of the first lines of defence against unscrupulous operators you must make sure that the online casino you're playing at is in fact an eCOGRA certified online casino. Mostly Microgaming casinos are eCOGRA certified so it's worth while to pay attention to this if you think that you may need to call on the services of eCOGRA to resolve a dispute. Also something else that you're going to want to try first is contacting the online casino and letting them know that you're planning on seeking out the services of a dispute resolution team and you may want to go as far as mentioning that you'd post some negative comments in regards to the casino if they didn't act and resolve the issues you may have with them.
Comment by: Sil Mondo On: June 12, 2009
eCOGRA 100% is the way to go if you're playing at online casinos that are certified by eCOGRA. Their entire existence is based around the premise that they intend on making the internet a safer and better place for players to bet. As a foundation that was originally founded by Microgaming (or at least some of those who had previous involvement with Microgaming) you might think that they're not the most objective in matters and perhaps slightly bias in favor of Microgaming operators. This simply isn't the case and you'll find that if you have a dispute and there is actual merit to your claims that they'll definitely help you resolve the issues and you'll find issues are usually resolved fairly quickly.

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