Guerrilla Gambling

Title: Guerrilla Gambling

Review Author: Mark Freedman
Added: Tuesday December 29th 2009

Of the authors that are out there who write about topics related to gambling Frank Scoblete is among the best of the best of them. As a gambler himself he fully understands all of the games and has a really good grasp and understanding of the math that's involved in casino games. This includes things such as house edges, the appropriate strategies to apply and when for each and every casino games. It's my opinion that this book is a great read and a good choice as a first read if you haven't read any gambling or casino related books as of yet. The book details all the games and how they are played along with how to achieve an edge in various games or reduce the house edge to help as best as possible increase your chances and odds of winning.

Because of the fact that this book covers virtually all the major casino games it's advised that you might want to check out some of his other books. Other recommended reads on various games that are more specifically written about various games such as Scoblete's "Best Blackjack" and "Knockout Blackjack" by Fuchs and Vancura. If you're a roulette player you may be interested in picking up a copy of Scoblete's "Spin Roulette Gold", Caribbean Stud, Three Card Poker and Let it Ride players may also enjoy "Bold Card Play". The options are vast when it comes to selection of books that are advised reads. I really suggest that you check out the book reviews that we feature here on CasinoAdvisor as they are generally good reads and appropriate books for the various gambling subjects that are written about.

We've reviewed many books here at Casino Advisor and plan on continuing to review more and more in the future. When it comes to books that are written about casino games more specifically "Guerrilla Gambling" is among one of the best reads offering the most incite into games and details that you should know before you commence in playing any of the casino games.

In the event that you've never read a book that deals with casino games Scoblete's book here will give you a firm grasp and good understanding of casino games. As an author and avid gambler it is my believe that he knows very well what he's talking about and does a really good job sharing the info and knowledge he's acquired over his years of experience.

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