Gambling 102: The Best Strategies for All Casino Games

Title: Gambling 102: The Best Strategies for All Casino Games

Review Author: Shirley Spicer
Added: Monday March 8th 2010

Over the years after having read so many books about gambling at casinos I've found that most of them really try to sell you on the idea of "beating the house", "making boatloads of money at casinos" and illustrating methods and techniques on how to go about changing the odds in the games that you play.

It's really refreshing to have read Michael Shacklefords book Gambling 102 and to have had to opportunity to see that he doesn't take this approach with the book. The book doesn't even go about telling you how to go about playing the various games offered in casinos. It takes into consideration that you already know how to play and the basics of various games available hence the name Gambling 102 as the title of the book.

Michael Sackleford know as the "Wizard of Odds" takes thorough mathematical approach in delving into the various aspects of some of the most popular casino games played in this book. He illustrates the fact in respect to how much you can realistically expect to loose as well as win playing different casino games and making different types of bets. Because the book is primarily focused on the math behind the games it takes a statistical look at the various games and the different types of bets that can be made in each game and thus provides a number of figures that show exactly how bit the "house edge" really is. An instance of such being something that I wasn't necessarily aware of which was that the best bet for odds in a casino for games that you can play is "craps", he also goes on to explain the games that have the worst betting odds as well.

The book is well segmented into chapters where each game has it's own dedicated chapter broken into the individual types of bets. He's also taken the time to include a blackjack strategy chart to help you know when to hit, stand, split, double down, etc... making it easy to know the rules and how to properly play blackjack thus maximizing your potential to win. It's a great read and we here from highly recommend the book to anyone looking for a top notch casino book to read.

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