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Fun Play or Real Money Casinos

By:, Wednesday June 4th 2008
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Below you'll find an explanation offering details on the different modes available at online casinos. Essentially there are two modes you can choose from and play at an casino. The first is fun mode and the second is real money mode, both are in a way self explanatory but be sure to continue reading for more information on both modes of play.

Fun Play Also Known as Practice Play Casino Mode:

Fun play is a mode that has been included in casino software platforms to allow players to try games and get practice with games they may not be familiar with prior to playing for real money. It's highly advised whether even if you're certain you want to play at a specific casino for real money that you first try the casino and see whether you enjoy the games. It's much easier to play for fun then to figure out that you no longer want to play at a casino after you've already made a purchase for credits. Something worth mentioning here is that the payout percentages for games are the same when you play in fun mode vs. real money mode. It's sometimes thought by players that casinos try to entice players by boosting the returns to players in fun mode and this simply isn't true.

Typical Steps To Get Up And Running In Fun Mode:

  • Download the online casino software and install it on your computer.
  • Launch the casino application from your desktop.
  • Create a fun player account if you don't already have one.
  • Sign-in to the fun mode of the casino by clicking the "Free Play, Practice, etc..." button that signifies that you'd be playing for fun.

Note: That in the above example if you were to play at no download casino you'd only need to follow steps 3 and 4.

Real Money Mode Game Play at Online Casinos:

Playing for real money at online casino will allow you to enter into games within the casino and play for real money. This ultimately means that when you play whatever you win while you're playing will be considered your winnings. It's also important to keep in mind thought that whatever you loose is also real money. Generally online casinos offer high payout's on their games as they don't have such and immense overhead burden as land based casinos do. It's very common to play games that are in excess of 95% when playing online which is far better to payout's in the high eighty to low ninety percentile at land based casinos.

Typical Steps To Get Up And Running In Real Money Mode:

  1. Download the casino software and install it on your computer.
  2. Launch the casino application from the desktop of your computer.
  3. Create a real player account if you do not have one already.
  4. Sign-in to real money mode at the casino by clicking the "Real Money, Money, etc..." button.
  5. Visit the cashier/banking section of the casino by clicking the "Cashier or Bank" button.
  6. Make a deposit using one of the many banking options available at the online casino (Note: Make sure you read about various payment solutions either here on Casino Advisor or on the casinos web site to make sure you'll be eligible to use desired means to make a deposit. Some banking options do not allow players who reside in the U.S. to use their services).
  7. After your deposit has gone though successfully you'll now be able to commence playing.

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Comment by: Pieter Scot On: December 18, 2012
I play to win. I have won many of big amounts playing in capitol casino Sacramento's #1 poker room. Source:
Comment by: mary jean On: October 01, 2011
i just want to play for fun as of this time
Comment by: Sidney Blk On: May 01, 2010
I've been playing at online casinos for some time now and I always know that when I start playing at any online casino that I'll play a bit for fun before depositing any funds and playing for any real money.
Comment by: Edna222 On: March 24, 2010
I don't think that it's necessary to really compare free play and real money play as being different or which one you should play over the other. The bottom line is that if you want to win money then you play for real if you don't care to win money then you play for fun and don't have to worry about making any deposits, etc...
Comment by: Phil Rudd On: February 28, 2010
Learning the games available at casinos is crucial to being able to minimize any edge that casinos have in the games that they offer. Thus as a result playing for fun is a good way to learn the games, the rules and most importantly of all the strategy in how to properly play those games in order to reduce the house edge. I think it's key and beleive that fun play mode / practice mode that's offered by online casinos should be utilized for that reason. Additionally what you learn while playing for fun online can easily translate over to the real world and and thus is not in vein even if you don't end up playing online whatsoever.
Comment by: Pauline On: February 14, 2010
I personally really like it when online casinos give you the option of switching from real money mode to play mode directly within the online casino software. Years ago when I used to play at 888 online casino I beleive that they did that there.
Comment by: Sara D. On: February 05, 2010
For all you newbies out there if there's one suggestion that I can make it's really that you should do your best to try to play as many different online casinos for free as you possibly can. This way you'll expose yourself to the various online casino software that's out there and give you an opportunity to see what all the games are like and what's interesting. I think personally that the more you play the more you'll discover different things about the different products that are available. Some people for example really like to play in online casino tournaments and often times not all casinos offer this sort of thing. When you play to play at real money online casinos you can then simply change the mode of play and register for a real money online casino player thus allowing you to make real money deposits and win real money as well.
Comment by: Billy Minor On: December 11, 2009
I can play for fun for hours... I do like playing for real more then playing for fun in general as when you hit those big wins playing for fun it's a real bummer that you weren't playing for real. I try to maximize my bankroll by adjusting my bet settings when playing slots games.
Comment by: Hero On: December 03, 2009
Fun play before real play is always going to be good for new players and even those who have expereince just to try something new and also when new games are released there's no better way to discover a new game then to try it out for free first before playing for real money. It's the whole try before you buy mentality.
Comment by: Alison Pravda On: November 27, 2009
Microgaming, Cryptologic, Playtech, etc... all offer fun / practice play and I for one know that I do take advantage of it and play regularly for free but am not only a free player but also enjoy playing for real money as well. I love the fact that there are these two modes of play and have gotten so used to them that they really need to be there for me in order for me to have fun.
Comment by: Ponto Rio On: November 16, 2009
Both modes of play definitely server their purpose and even to this date having been someone whose well versed in most of the casinos that they play at I find that I'll still play in fun mode especially for the new slots games so I can get to the bonus rounds quickly and without spending so much money to do so to see if I really like the game before continuing into the bonus round.
Comment by: Charles L. On: October 31, 2009
Try playing at online casinos first fir fun then switching up and playing for real money if you like what you see in fun mode is the most advised course of action to take if you ask me.
Comment by: T. Bugatto On: October 12, 2009
Both options are pretty straight forward in most cases there are just some additional details that are required for players that sign-up first for a fun player account then migrate over to a real money account.
Comment by: Sharon Wallace On: August 30, 2009
Most players including myself will always start out playing for fun money before moving on and playing for real money. I think that one thing to keep in mind though is that sometimes from what I hear and understand is that some of the online casino software providers out there will increase the payout percentage in slots games when they're being played for fun to attract players to the casino and use lower payout percentages when players are playing for real money. I don't know if in fact this is true or not but I heard that Realtime Gaming used to do this a while back.

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