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How to Use EntroPay at Online Casinos

To use EntroPay, you have a registration process that requires you to open an account with EntroPay. Once you open an EntroPay account, you need to ensure it is active; only then can you conduct transactions at the account. Complete the registration form and click the appropriate buttons you see at the site. Then, you get an e-mail that has a URL and also the activation key. Click the link given in the e-mail to get back into EntroPay, where you will now have to enter your password. The next step is to confirm your e-mail id, after which your account becomes active.

Once your account is activated, you are free now to load money into your account. You must be aware that there is a charge associated with not just loading money into your EntroPay account but also for withdrawing from another account into this one. This is one of the negative points about EntroPay when you compare it with some of the others. However, EntroPay continues to remain a popular online transaction option for gambling enthusiasts.

Using EntroPay has its own share of benefits, however. For one, registering an account is a very easy and swift process. Not only that, you also need not bother about online security and safety as this is a totally safe option. You are able to fund your account using both your credit and debit card. Though you can load money into your EntroPay using your credit card, you still retain a degree of control of your money, because you will be able to spend only the amount that you have loaded, not more than that.

Apart from all this, EntroPay also has a strong and efficient customer support team that you can access at any point in time, as they are operational 24x7, for clarifications on any doubts you may have had about using EntroPay. Also there are not too many restrictions regarding who can open an account of this kind. Apparently, any person who is above 18 years of age and has his/her own debit or credit card can open an account at EntroPay.
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  • Multiple currencies
  • Ability to load money from both debit as well as credit card
  • Completely safe and secure transaction
  • No need to furnish financial/personal details

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