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Ease of Use (10)

eChecks are extremely simple to use. In theory it is essential to open a checking account at a bank but in practice almost all players would already be having checking accounts and those can readily be used. There is a one time requirement of obtaining the bank routing number from the bank. This would take one phone call or at most one visit to the bank. Thereafter deposits and withdrawals take a few clicks of the mouse. There are certain factors that the player has to keep in mind. He cannot enter an amount that is greater than his balance. Using eChecks is as simple as using any other payment option if not simpler. It gets full marks.

Promptness (10)

If the transaction will go through then it will go through instantly or it will be rejected instantly. The reason for rejection in almost all cases would be error on the player’s part. He may enter an amount that is more than the balance in his account. Or he may have erred in entering one of the details leading to an incompatibility of the information. If the player is careful then the transfers are instantaneous. Again this gets full marks.

Available to U.S. Players (9)

Provided that the casino you're playing at accepts US players and offers eChecks as a means of depositing into the casino then as a US player there should be no problems in using eChecks to deposit.

Mulitple Currencies (8)

The checking account has to be opened in a specified currency, usually the currency of the country where the player resides. If the casino does not accept the checking account’s currency then multiple currency support would be needed. In most countries checking accounts would be able to make payments and accept deposits in other currencies by converting to the base currency. In those countries multiple currency support would be available. In some countries checking accounts are constrained from doing so. Here there would be a problem and players would be better off using some other option.

Security (10)

The banking system is secure of that there can be no doubt. If the casino’s system is secure then the eCheck transactions will take place in a completely secure environment and there is no danger of loss of funds. If the casino’s system is not secure then the player should not be playing there any way. And in that event no payment option can guarantee security.

Casinos Accepting eCheck

9.40 / 10
Overall Score 9.40
Ease of Use 10
Promptness 10
Available to U.S. Players 9
Mulitple Currencies 8
Security 10

eCheck Highlights
  • Available to U.S. Players
  • No cost incurred on deposits
  • Fund transfers are instantaneous
  • A secure way of transferring funds

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