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Downloading Playtech Casino Software

By: Mark Freedman, Thursday September 10th 2009
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Software of any Playtech online casino can be downloaded from the web site of the casino. As soon as the web site is accessed a pop up box asks the player if he would like to download the software while browsing through the site at least in most cases. If not there will always be a download button or link on the online casinos website. If the player is inclined proceed then when the popup to download appears the OK button should be clicked on to commence the download. Else the player can click on the Cancel button and later download the software from the download link prominently displayed in the lobby. For the purpose of this tutorial we're going to explain in steps and via video demonstration how to proceed and go about downloading a Playtech casino.

Downloading and Installing Playtech Software Video Tutorial:


In order to view our tutorial on how to download and install Playtech online casino software you'll need to have the Adobe Flash player installed on your computer.

Get Flash Player - Click Here

Set of Steps for Downloading and Installing Playtech Software:

Step #1

On clicking the download link a pop up box appears asking the player if he wants to save the file. The download process does not automatically begin because many visitors to the site accidentally click on the link while browsing the website. Such visitors can cancel the process by clicking the Cancel button. Players who want to install the software onto their computer should either proceed by clicking the "Save" option which will safe the file to your computer or the "Run" button which will commence the download and installation of the software.

Step #2

For the purpose of this tutorial we're suggesting that players click on the "Run" button as it saves one step in that the software will commence and begin running right from our website. Please keep in mind that in your web browser you may get a security message indicating that you need to first accept or allow the download and installation to take place if so we recommend you do so in order to proceed.

Step #3

After the mini downloader file has completed downloading the installation will automatically commence. The player should ensure that he is connected to the Internet. A security warning pops up, which gives the details of the file. It states the name of the file, the publisher's name, which is Playtech Limited, that the file type is Application and the location of the file. If the player is satisfied that the file is secure then he should click on the Run button to continue with the download. If the player feels that the file is not secure he can cancel the process by clicking on the Cancel button. However, the fact that the source is Playtech Limited should dispel any concerns that the player may have.

Step #4

Next the downloader window is displayed. Playtech casinos allow the player to choose a language from English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. The player is also informed that the program is protected by copyright law. After selecting the language the player should click the Next button at the bottom left of the window.

Step #5

In the next window the player is informed the default location where the program will be stored in his computer. If the player wants to store the program at a different location then he can click the Browse button and select the appropriate button.

Step #6

The casino software starts downloading. The time taken for downloading depends on the speed of the Internet connection. Once the downloading is complete the player is prompted to click the Done button. The casino will be launched and the player can then open a Real Money account and start wagering.

Playtech recommends a 32MB system memory and a 20MB free hard disk space. The average download time is about 10 minutes using a dial up connection and 2 minutes with cable and ADSL connections.

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Comment by: Flint Carling On: January 01, 2010
I really like in particular how after you're done downloading the software that you can choose what language you want to play in. Regardless if you can't change the language on the fly like you can with Microgaming software I don't necessarily think that this is the biggest issue or thing in the world.
Comment by: Playtech Fan On: October 08, 2009
Something that's not mentioned in here that I feel players should know about is the fact that if you want to change to a different language and say you downloaded the English version and installed that first you'll first from what I remember have to uninstall the English version and then reinstall the version in the language of your choosing. It may be possible to run multiple language casinos from the same computer but I'm not sure about that. Their software works quite a bit differently then say Microgaming's software that allows you to do this on the fly within the casino software which is one benefit and bonus to the Microgaming software platform over the Playtech one.
Comment by: Perl N. On: September 27, 2009
Good tutorial guys I think that these will most definitely be helpful for newbies. I think that completing the series and doing one like this for all the online casino software providers would probably be a good idea.
Comment by: Alice B On: September 15, 2009
Their software has become much easier to download then in the past. I used to have problems where I'd get several warnings, etc... from spybot search and destroy and from my virus scanning software. The last few times I installed their software it worked great. It's really simple and straight forward. I just read though this tutorial and have to agree with everything that's been said in terms of the process to get the software installed onto your computer.
Comment by: Andrew K. On: September 12, 2009
Just wanted to let you know guys know at Casino Advisor that I think that these video tutorials and other video oriented content you add to the site is quite informative and great to see. I'd personally like to see some video news and perhaps video reviews of casinos at some point in the future as well.
Comment by: Kerry Bonnenstien On: September 11, 2009
Agreed I think it's great to start incorporating more video onto the site here. I really enjoy watching video more so then I enjoy reading... lol..
Comment by: casinowizard On: September 10, 2009
Great video tutorial guys I think that these will come in quite handy and useful for newbie users on the site. I really like the fact that you're doing them and think that you should keep them up. I think that you should introduce more in fact showing players how to enter into tournaments and play in them, etc...

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