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Downloading Games in Online Casino Software

By: Shirley Spicer, Monday March 30th 2009
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Online casino software can be quite voluminous. Microgaming, for example, offers over 300 games with more being added each month. If players have to wait till all the games are downloaded before they can start playing then it can be quite a long wait. In order to overcome this problem online casino software providers have devised mechanisms that allow players to start wagering at certain games before the entire casino is downloaded. Broadly speaking there are two systems. One is followed by Microgaming, Vegas Technology, Wizard Gaming and Playtech, whereas the other is followed by Cryptologic and real Time Gaming.

The system followed by Microgaming, Wizard Gaming and Playtech works as follows. When an online casino powered by any of these online casino software providers is launched for the first time then the games automatically start being downloaded in a sequence specified by the software provider. This sequence generally covers the more popular games first and allows provides a spread of game types for the player. If the player prefers certain games to be downloaded first then he can break the specified sequence and download the preferred games on priority by clicking on them in the games lobby. If the player has no preference then all the games will be downloaded in due course without the player having to give any instruction. Another advantage offered by these online casino software providers is that the player can wager on the downloaded games, while the remaining games are being downloaded seamlessly in the background. If the player has to exit from the online casino before all the games are downloaded, the software will continue from where it left off the next time the casino is accessed.

Microgaming Game Downloading Preview
By clicking on the hide button while downloading and playing at a Microgaming casino you'll simply be taken back to the games lobby where you can choose and play another game while the game you clicked on before downloads in the background.

Wizard Gaming Game Downloading Preview
Similar to how the Microgaming system works Wizard Gaming does it in the same way by allowing you to hide the game download dialog box and go play another game. We kind of like the way Wizard Gaming do it better in that they don't actually take you out of the lobby as Microgaming does.

Playtech Game Downloading Preview
Playtech does it pretty much the same way as Microgaming and Wizard Gaming do as you can see from the above screenshot.

The online casinos powered by Real Time Gaming, Vegas Technology and Cryptologic offer a slightly different system. In this system the games do not download automatically. The players have to download the games they want to wager at by individually clicking on the games in the lobby. Whereas though this requires some more effort on the player’s part, it also offers an advantage. The player’s hard disc is not cluttered with games that he will never be playing. This system leads to lower memory utilization on the hard disc. The Cryptologic, Vegas Technology and Real Time Gaming systems are not identical. The Vegas Technology and Cryptologic system shares a characteristic with the other online casino software providers mentioned earlier. It allows players to wager on the downloaded games while others are being downloaded. In the Real Time Gaming system the downloading and wagering cannot proceed simultaneously. If a game is being downloaded the player has to wait for it to be completed before he can start wagering on any game already downloaded.

Cryptologic Game Downloading Preview
In Cryptologic there are no dialogs that you need hide as you can see from the above screenshot. The nice thing that we like about the way that Cryptologic manages their game downloads is that after the game is done downloading you receive a prompt letting you know. It's a nice way to indicate to players that a game is ready to be played.

Vegas Technology Game Downloading Preview
As seen from the above screenshot Vegas Technology has a dialog that comes up that which you can hide and play another game while the game completes downloading. Games in Vegas Technology software do require that you download each game individually though.

Realtime Gaming Game Downloading Preview
Realtime Gaming is probably the worst of the bunch when it comes to download mechanisms. When you click to download a game you must wait for the game to download prior to being able to play another game. It's definitely an inconvenience and they should really change the way this works. We've heard though on the upside that they are currently working on changes to make their download system much better. In order to go to another game while downloading a game you must click on the cancel button which will cancel the download and won't download the game in the background.

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Comment by: Raymond S. On: November 24, 2009
So long as I can play a game while another is downloading in the background I don't really care how the download process works. I think that this is by far the most basic and essential part of the downloading component to any online casino software platform out there. I know that there's been mention of those who don't do things this way and I have to agree that they should change things so as to accommodate this sort of downloading.
Comment by: Jane Parker On: October 30, 2009
I for one prefer systems that allow me to download all the games in the background while still being able to play games. I think this is the only real way and proper way for online casino software to be built!
Comment by: Perl N. On: July 26, 2009
There's no doubt that RTG's system blows in comparison to others that allow you to download games in the background. I think that they're the only software provider that requires that you download an entire game at one time and doesn't allow you to play others while it downloads. I'm not sure why they haven't upgraded their system yet it's really silly.
Comment by: Brady On: July 22, 2009
Games that download in the background are just better. Casino software that's built properly should support this feature. It's really surprising that RTG casino software doesn't support this. I wonder why they didn't think of this that a player would perhaps want to play another game while another downloads in the background. I think this is why RTG games are generally small in size and never really exceed a certain file size when they're being built.
Comment by: Danny Spicer On: May 15, 2009
I think that the general consensus from all players who understand and have played at several online casinos would agree that software that downloads where the games are downloaded in the background is the best solution!
Comment by: Hurley Jeminach On: April 07, 2009
100% with you on this Bill I agree and think that most people will likely be of the same though when it comes to this. Before when online casinos first started and hard drives were small it would have been more valuable to only download games upon users requesting the download, however with hard drives being so big these days it's no longer of value. The one thing I don't like when casinos do is when they don't download all games in the background (transparently) and require you to download a game but don't let you play another game while you're downloading the current game. It's best described in the above article where they talk about RTG online casinos.
Comment by: Bill Buxton On: April 07, 2009
I'm not sure how others feel about the downloading of games but I personally prefer that all games are downloaded onto my computer rather then requiring that I have to click on each game to download the game prior to playing. Having immediate access to the games after the software is downloaded is much better in my opinion then having to download a game at the moment you want to play the game. I'd be interested in hearing what others have to say about this.

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