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Don't Save Online Casino Passwords

By: Sam Chalmers, Monday December 29th 2008
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Some online players believe that ensuring security of their accounts is the sole responsibility of the online casino. However, the players themselves have an equally important role to play. One responsibility that is crucial for players is how they handle their passwords.

Passwords are used in applications that allow authorized persons only to use a section of the application. A password allows you to access your account with the online casino while preventing others from doing so. Players who wager intermittently throughout the day can find it irksome to enter their password each time they want to access their account. Therefore some online gaming software providers have introduced an optional mechanism by which the password of the player is saved in the system and he need not enter it every time. A small tick box is provided in the log in page. Players who want their password saved are required to check the tick box while entering the password for the first time. Thereafter they need not repeat this. Players who would prefer to enter their password each time are required to leave the tick box blank. Microgaming, Wizard Gaming and Vegas Technology provide this optional facility. Real Time Gaming and Cryptologic do not provide this option to their members.

Just because this facility is provided it does not mean that it should be used. It does provide a wee bit of convenience, but it also opens the door to unauthorized entry to your account. Anyone accessing the online casino from your computer is likely to be automatically logged in. This may not appear alarming because no one else may ever be using your computer. But if someone does then he can access your account at the online casino and wager on your behalf. It is also conceivable that someone knowing your log in alias can enter it on his computer and access your account without entering the password because it is already saved. Most Internet users tend to have a common log in alias over applications, some of which exhibit the log in alias in the public domain. Hence checking the password can be a dangerous proposition.

So what can happen an unauthorized person accesses your online casino account. He can play with your money and lose it. He may even succeed in withdrawing the balance. Either way the net result is that you will find no funds in your account when you next access the casino.

Hence the advantage of checking the save password box is minimal and the risk is huge. Therefore please do not save your password. There are two other related precautions that need to be taken. One is that you should remember to logout every time you finish playing. Not logging out is worse than saving your password. The second is do not use the same log in alias and password that you use in less secure sites like social networking sites. Use unique passwords for sites where your funds are placed.

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Comment by: Channy On: December 11, 2009
Ahh... come on there's really no issues with this so long as your computer is secured. I always save my passwords within the casinos that I play at provided that they have the option available. I like to set strong passwords for everything I have an account for and if I didn't elect to save the password data it would be very difficult to remember everything.
Comment by: Sara D. On: September 30, 2009
I try never to save my password information regardless of what I'm doing online. Generally I do keep the same password for most things which I've been told in the past by a security expert that deals with computer that this really isn't all that good of an idea. Anyways I've been changing it up so that each different casino I use though now a days has a different password appended to it as well that way I know that with certainty that if one is by some slim chance compromised that all my other accounts will be OK.
Comment by: Judith L. On: September 19, 2009
I don't really think it's such a big issue. And have to disagree with Phizzle. If you on a windows machine which you likely are if you're playing at an online casino then you're going to be just fine if you save passwords in your casino client so long as you ensure that you lock your computer and have a password on your Windows user account.

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