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    X-Men Details Page

Software (9)

The Cryptologic software has the features that one would expect to find in a slot game. Players who want to get more spins can disable the spinning animations. Players can also disable all the sounds if they want to. Though the auto play option is available it is not customizable. Also the number of auto spins required has to be incremented by 1. This gets inconvenient for someone wanting a large number of auto spins.

Easy to Understand (10)

The game is easy to understand. The payouts and the rules are explained within the game itself.

Graphics & Sounds (8)

The graphics of the superheroes has been well crafted. Those familiar with the X-Men will instantly recognize them. For others the names of the characters have been included in the graphics. The animation could have been more action oriented given the nature of the theme. The bonus game has fast paced background music.

Theme and Concept (10)

Good versus evil is an eternal theme and this is exemplified in the X-Men. The leaders of the good and evil, Xavier and Magneto, appropriately offer the highest fixed jackpot payouts. The bonus game works on the concept in great detail. For example if Wolverine is chosen to represent the X-Men he makes his trademark claw marks on his enemy. Similarly other characters are shown battling using their strengths.

Game Features (8)

X-Men incorporates the wild and scatter symbols but these have not been used beyond their usual capacity. In fact the wild symbol does not even act as a multiplier. The bonus game on the second screen is different from the usual pick X from Y game. It makes innovative use of life meters. The absence of a free spins round is felt.

Betting Options (8)

The betting options include selecting coin denominations and number of paylines. The coin size starts from 0.05 thus shutting out some of the low rollers. The number of paylines is only 9. This restricts the bet per spin range from 0.05 to 45.00

Jackpots (10)

X-Men offers three progressive jackpots of different amounts. These jackpots are shared with other Marvel slot games and therefore grow very fast. Despite offering progressive jackpots the highest fixed jackpot is very attractive.

9.00 / 10
Software 9
Easy to Understand 10
Graphics & Sounds 8
Theme and Concept 10
Game Features 8
Betting Options 8
Jackpots 10

X-Men Highlights
  • The Bonus game
  • The popular X-Men theme
  • The fast growing Marvel progressive jackpot
  • A large fixed jackpot

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