Call of Duty 4 Player Reviews
Call of Duty 4 Video Slot Game Fairly Average Casino Game

Rating: by: casinowizard, on June 08, 2009
Pros: Cool Concept and Great Brand To Leverage On
Cons: Very Average Graphics and an Average Game Overall

I just tried out the Call of Duty 4 game available at Cryptologic casinos. I tried it at InterCasino and played for fun. It's really nice to see Cryptologic going out and actively seeking licenses to develop games that add value though brand name recognition such as Call of Duty but the fact is that unless they start executing on these games properly I think it'll all be in vein.

It's amazing for a company the with the kinds of resources both financial, staff, and experience wise still produce and create games that are what I consider to be sub-par with that of large offline gaming software manufactures like IGT, Balley, and WMS. This game in particular Call of Duty 4 I'm surprised Activision even let them release a game that represents the Call of Duty brand so poorly. The fact is that the graphics in this game when playing in full screen are pixelated and not nearly as high quality as they should be... I'm not sure if there's a fix on the way to correct this and enhance the quality of the graphics but there definitely should be or they should consider developing and releasing a patch to say the least.

In addition I found the audio to be kind of boring and the features to be nothing to write home about. Overall I really didn't love this game... don't get me wrong Cryptologic has come really cool games but this in my opinion isn't the best in the new series of slots they've been developing.


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Comment by: Fred Lutton On: June 14, 2009
I agree with you although I found the way this game played out fairly decent and nice... I suppose that the graphics can be better but I found the animations when hitting various combinations and features within this game to be quite good.

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