Buccaneer's Bounty Player Reviews
Baccaneer's Bounty Cryptologic Online Casino Video Slot Great!

Rating: by: charlie62, on June 24, 2009
Pros: Amazing Game a Big Step Forward for Cryptologic
Cons: I didn't really find much I didn't like about this game.

I must say that this Cryptologic game "Buccaneer's Bounty" is currently my favorite online casino game and the one I spend the most time playing at present.

These new generation of Cryptologic online casino games have really brought my attention back to spending some time at playing at InterCasino. Buccaneer's Bounty has several subtle things that make the game unique, inviting and fun to play. The most noticeable thing about these new Crypto games is the usage of space. They consume and utilize more of the window and screen then they used to putting more focus on the game and less focus on things like the promotional bar at the bottom of their old games and really wasting over 120 pixels of space.

Some of the things that I really liked about this game include the following:

1. There are subtle small animations within the game (ie. sparkles, shines, etc...).

2. The graphics in the game although simplistic are very good and even in full screen mode look very sharp (this isn't something you find too often in online casinos that are optimized and built for screen resolutions of 800x600 as many of them are).

3. When you hit two or more cannon ball symbols on the screen they create this impression as though the cannon shot and broke your computer screen (very cool) and additionally if you get three or more and produce a win the game will shake as will your entire screen..

Overall I really can't say anything but good things about this game and I do recommend it to slots players looking to play high quality online slots games.


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Comment by: Hero On: June 26, 2009
A very nice game indeed... I was particularly fond of the way the screen shakes when you get the cannon combination. It's a great game and definitely a step forward for Cryptologic in terms of their game development!

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