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Classifying Online Casino Games Based on Payouts

By: Ryan Alders, Tuesday September 29th 2009
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Average payout ratio is the term that all online casino players should completely understand. In the long run a person wagering at an online casino is expected to lose money. This does not mean that nobody will win. There will be winners and there will be losers but if all the payouts are combined then they will be less than the total wagers. This is because online casino games are designed to have a house edge which provides them with means to cover costs and make profits. The average payout ratio is the proportion of the wagered amount that a player can expect to get back in the long run. It is usually between 95% and 100% depending on the game classification. Therefore it is the essential for new players to know which games pay out more and which pay out less.

At the top of the list are most variants of video poker games and blackjack games. These games have a theoretical average payout ratio of more than 99%. There are variants of these games that have significantly lower payout ratios and therefore players need to check out individual variants before wagering. The average payout ratio for online roulette varies from about 95% to 98%. This depends on the variant of roulette being played. Online slot games generally have an average payout ratio of around 95%. In online craps the average payout ratio varies from bet to bet. In some bets it is as low as 85% whereas in some bets it can be as high 98%.

The question that is likely to arise in the minds of new players is why they should play any other online casino game apart from blackjack and video poker. There is a very reasonable explanation to this. Both blackjack and video poker games involve the player in decision-making unlike roulette, slots and craps. The theoretical average payout ratio of over 99% is based on the players making the correct decisions all the time. Players who have acquired this expertise usually stick to blackjack and video poker. But new players would not have this expertise and when they play these games they are likely to make mistakes. This can drastically reduce the average payout ratios for such players. Hence for players who do not have the requisite expertise in blackjack and video poker the other online casino games can offer better returns.

Everything is not about returns. There are other advantages that need to be factored in. Online casino gaming is also about enjoying oneself. To most players online slots offer far greater pleasure than video poker or blackjack. There is considerably more variety in online slot games. Slot games are visually very rich and have a number of exciting features. If the winning potential is kept aside for a moment, slots provide greater value for money. Another advantage of slots is that they offer very large payouts. In the large progressive jackpot online slots the payout can run into millions of dollars. Whereas such hits are extremely rare many players are willing to take the risk. Even if they do not win they consider their investment well spent because of the enjoyment they have derived. These kinds of wins are just not possible in games like blackjack and video poker.

Most online casinos offer a variant of roulette known as French Roulette. It is this variant that offers the highest average payout ratio of all roulette games and new players would be advised to avoid other variants. New players who are interested in craps should find out which are the bets that have higher payout ratios and stay with those. Unfortunately these bets are more complicated ones but it is worth the trouble in figuring them out because they pay out significantly greater amounts compared to the other craps bets.

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Comment by: Kenneth Olken On: November 23, 2009
Blackjack and baccarat are two casino games that have some of the best odds in casinos both online and land based. Online slots are pretty close as well with only a few percent house hold when played online at casinos.
Comment by: Sil Mondo On: September 30, 2009
I disagree with the statement made that video poker payout out more than 99%. This from what I understand simply isn't correct in that video poker can have a lot more volatility and casinos can be in for losses on video poker games.

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