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Check Payouts From Within the Slots Reels

By: Mark Freedman, Tuesday June 30th 2009
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There are online slots players who play the game in a mechanical manner. They place the bets and spin the reels. Then they accept the payouts that are given without bothering to find out which combinations in which paylines have delivered what amounts. For them playing in this way makes sense because they exercise no control over which paylines register winning combinations and how much those winning combinations pay. On the other hand there are players who want to understand everything about the slot game even if they have no control over it. They like to know which the higher paying symbols are and how much they pay. They derive enjoyment from seeing these higher paying symbols start lining up from reel 1, while the other reels are still spinning. Once the reels have come to a rest and the payouts have been declared these players like to check out exactly which paylines have paid what amounts and on what basis.

Video Preview of Microgaming Online Casino In Reel Payout Indicators:


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The second type of players encounters a problem. In classic 3-reel slots the pay table and the reels appear on the same screen. However in 5-reel video slots the pay table is on a different screen and has to be accessed by clicking the appropriate link. Hence the player has either to memorize the pay table or keep toggling between the reels and the pay table. Both are very inconvenient. Microgaming is known for it is innovative approach. It has found a way out of this problem which it is incorporating in many of its newer online slot games. Centre Court and The Great Galaxy Grab are two slots in which Microgaming has incorporated this feature.

The feature is extremely simple and works as follows. The player clicks on the symbol on the reels. A tab slides out horizontally displaying the required information. In the Centre Court slot game by clicking the Trophy symbol the following information is revealed. 5 symbols pay out 1000 coins, 4 symbols pay out 500 coins, 3 symbols pay out 100 coins and 2 symbols pay out 10 coins (considering that a single coin is being played if max coins are being played in this game you'd multiply that by 10x to get your win amount). The information is revealed for scatter symbols as well. In such slot games the scatter symbol is marked as "scatter" so that there is no confusion. Players have to keep in mind that normal symbols have to appear in an enabled payline whereas scatter symbols can appear anywhere on the reels.

The same procedure can be used to check the payouts. For example payline 5 shows a payout of 100 coins in the Centre Court slot game when the player has wagered 10 coins per line. The player sees 3 'A' symbols on the first three reels in that payline. He clicks on the symbol and the tab shows that 3 symbols have a payout of 10. Since the player has wagered 10 coins per payline his total payout is 100 coins.

This feature has been derived from land based slots gaming machines. These machines display buttons of all the symbols on the reels. The player could press the symbol buttons with his finger to reveal the payouts. In Microgaming online slots this is done by clicking on the symbol in the reels with a mouse. The online method has one disadvantage. In land based gaming machines the player has access to buttons of all the symbols, whether or not the symbols appear on the reels at a given point in time. In online slots if a particular symbol is not on the reels at a given time then its payout cannot be seen using this feature.

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Comment by: Billy Minor On: January 18, 2010
Checking the values for the payouts from within the casino game is ingenious quite honestly I don't think that I've seen too many online casino games that have done this but I know that I like the feature when I play in real land casinos.
Comment by: bombtastic On: December 14, 2009
That's a really nice feature. I haven't seen it at any of the casinos that I play at but I don't well actually can't play at any of the Microgaming online casinos out there as I'm from the US. None the less though this feature is quite nice to have and very convenient.
Comment by: Stephen P. On: October 23, 2009
Nice feature I really like taking advantage of this feature when playing casino slots games in land based casinos. I think it would be good if all software providers would do this as well!
Comment by: Karl Benton On: September 27, 2009
Great feature to have in online casino software very convenient and extremely easy to use and take advantage of.
Comment by: Kent Wallace On: September 14, 2009
Yeah I agree this is a great feature to have and I too wish that all software providers would offer such a feature in all of their games. Perhaps it's something that will come to be soon!
Comment by: partyboy007 On: August 28, 2009
This is indeed something that has been taken from the offline casino games that you'll find in land based casinos. I think that it's a great feature though and agree that more software providers should start introducing such a feature in their games. It just makes it easier to check things rather then hunting things down in the payout tables.
Comment by: Peter Cullen On: August 04, 2009
A very handy feature and one that I quite enjoy using when playing in land based casinos. I have yet though to see any of the online casino software providers that accept US players offering such a feature in their games. I think that Microgaming may be the only software provider out there doing this.
Comment by: Sil Mondo On: July 21, 2009
It's a very handy feature and I've been using it quite a bit lately in some of their newer games when evaluating payline wins while playing these new games. I think that they'll probably start doing this in more of their games provided that they continue to get good feedback.
Comment by: Perl N. On: July 12, 2009
This is definitely a great feature and something that's been taken from land based slots games. I think that the first time I saw this feature was on a WMS slot game while in Vegas one time.
Comment by: casinowizard On: July 03, 2009
I was actually at a local casino this past week where I live and I did find this feature to be quite handy when playing some of the video slots games so I'd assume that it would be just as handy when playing online. It was nice though being able to touch the screen with your hand to reveal these payouts vs. clicking with a mouse... either way it's not bad I guess.
Comment by: Kevin Jones On: July 01, 2009
This is definitely a great feature to have in slots games... I too wish that more online software providers offered this feature in their slots games. Hopefully Microgaming will start a trend with this new feature. I've also seen that the new Pedal Power Microgaming slot game has this feature as well... It's strange though how some games will offer this as a feature but other of their newer games won't.
Comment by: Jordan On: June 30, 2009
This is a very nice and handy feature to have especially when evaluating your wins after a spin. It definitely saves you some time not having to go to and visit the payout tables for a game. I hope this is a new trend for Microgaming and they continue doing this as it certainly makes things easier and more accessible. I've always been a fan of this feature in land based casino slots so now that it's available at online casinos and within their slots games it's a great thing if you ask me.

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