Casino - The Only Casino Blockbuster You Need to See

Title: Casino - The Only Casino Blockbuster You Need to See

Review Author: Adam Baker
Added: Wednesday June 17th 2009

There's no doubt that "Casino" is one of the best Scoresese flicks out there... More importantly though it's by far the best movie that deals with the subject of the "Casino" that has ever been made. Although the movie slightly long it's well needed to allow for the entire story to unravel as it needs to.

The performance given by Robert De Niro rivals is performances in other top movies he's done including Goodfellas, Heat and Raging Bull. His calm demeanor and slick appearance in the movie did a good job in portraying the real "Frank Lefty Rosenthal" played as Frank Rothstien by Robert De Niro in this movie. In this role De Niro plays an all-in-one mob-connected character and casino guy, friend and loving husband, and savvy business man all in one. The performance put on by Robert De Niro is nothing short of powerful and is something that needs to be seen by any casino or movie fan out there!

Joe Pesci's roll in this movie is my second favorite he's ever done only being beaten by his performance in Goodfellas. He delivers sharp dialogs and firing those F-words with a one-of-a-kind punch is something only he can do! His character plays a wicked and even gangster role that is very suitable for Joe Pesci to be playing!

Sharon Stones performance in this movie has yet to be rivaled by any other movie she's been in. The former prostitute turned wife to Sammy Roth "Robert De Niro's" character is entangled with an ex-pimp boyfriend lover type played by James Woods that creates and adds to the excitement of this movie. I was a true fan of her performance and really loved the work she did in this number!

Overall Casino is one of my favorite movies ever made and definitely in my top 2 when it comes to Scoresese movies... it'll certainly be a hard one to top!

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